Outrage and Hysteria over White Cheerleaders Taking Picture with T-shirt saying ‘I love Redneck boys’



Outrage, hysteria and schizophrenia over 6 white high school girls taking a picture with a t-shirt. Ohhh God, nooooo the horror, they love redneck boys. Don’t they know they aren’t allowed to love who they want? They must love who the outraged want instead. Preferably blacks…

Whatever happened to women’s free choice and all of that? Well these ladies should pack their bags and move to Belarus or Hungary. America is no longer a country for white people. It is very hostile against whites and as a result the entire hostile anti-white media is waging a war against these girls to have them expelled from the high school over a picture.

Its basically like submit or die, nowadays. Submit to the current multicultural machine or be expelled from schools, jobs and fail in life, become beggars or something. The thing is whites don’t need this. They don’t need to humiliate themselves by accepting what the outraged multiculturalists dictate. They could just either group together and fight back (not happening) or simply abandon the sinking US ship and move to Europe.

Here’s a small part from the report by Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

A petition is calling for the removal of several members of an Alabama high school cheer team after a photo appeared on Instagram showing them posing with a T-shirt that depicted the Confederate battle flag and the phrase “I love redneck boys.”

Reagan Coleman, one of only two Black cheerleaders on the Daphne High School squad, quit after the first practice because she said coaches and teammates refused to address the matter which had been brewing among them for two weeks, according to WKRG News 5 in Mobile.

“No matter how much I love something, no matter how passionate I am about something, I love myself more and I respect myself more, and I could not be on that team,” Reagan told the station.

Guess who is the culprit for this? A jealous black. This is her and her mother whining about these white girls not accepting her into their group:

Imagine yourself whining and trying to make a ruckus over not being accepted in a black gang or something over being white…. who would ever do that? These people clearly have an inferiority complex. Deep down inside, they do know they are… lets just say “different”.

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