PayPal Communists Freeze SN Donations

PayPal Communists Freeze SN Donations

Well, it’s not like it hasn’t happened BEFORE or anything, because the kike’s little “Jewish Internet Defense League” attacked Subverted Nation’s paypal account once before and had it blocked, but I was able to get around it that time.  For the past year, I have had the paypal donate button for SN on my other site at Real Oath Keepers, in order to keep the jews from shutting it down, because it’s not really hosted here on SN, but the jews can’t have people like me accepting donations and using them to fight their treasonous subversion of our country.

Many people will make absolutely retarded remarks when someone like myself tries to use paypal to receive donations, while at the same time never once thinking of doing anything themselves to help out people like me, who put their neck on the line for the rest of you.  I have had people come at me sideways asking “why do you use the jew paypal service for donations”, but of course, these people are incapable of even the most minimal types of critical thinking of their own, so I will explain the why and the how before explaining what happened with this most recent paypal account.


Paypal is a racist, subversive organization that has no problem sucking up your money, but don’t dare talk about the jew or they will freeze your account. Dirty kikes.

First, why would I ask people to use paypal to send me a donation?  Certainly it costs a couple dollars per transaction, which goes into the jew’s coffers, but tell me where a dollar spent in these united states doesn’t go into the jew’s coffers? People complained in the same fashion when I attempted to sell copies of my (now BANNED) Basic Training for Revolutionaries through Lulu, but never once offered to print it themselves, so I could give it away free, as I willingly offered to do.  It seems, even with all the hard work put into producing a site like this, and such a powerful book, some shit heads don’t think it’s cool that I should actually make a few dollars from it to keep a roof over my head or something.

The reason why people like me use paypal to collect donations is that most people are too lazy to actually walk to the mailbox and send a donation to me personally.  It takes too much effort, and most people on the internet will not donate, or buy a product if it means mailing off for it.  Today is the age of “instant gratification”, so if people are unable to donate immediately by clicking a few buttons, most will refuse to do so.

This supposed “French born Iranian” (read JEW), Pierre Omidyar is the owner of both Ebay and Paypal. This jew became and INSTANT BILLIONAIRE when his company Ebay went public on the jew run stock market. This kike’s company won’t allow real revolutionaries to accept donations using their bullshit paypal service.

Of course, 99% of the people who benefit from sites like SN won’t donate anyway, because they’re not really trying to help win this fight, or support those of us who are.  Imagine for a minute people during the revolutionary war turning their nose up at the soldiers who stood against the British to free this country.  Not that we were ever actually freed from the crown, but damnit, a lot of sincere people spilled a ton of fucking blood to attempt it, and they would never have gotten as far as they did if regular folk didn’t pitch in and help them.  Without regular folk giving them ammo, dry powder, shelter, and even food to keep them alive, the fight wouldn’t exist.  Same goes for websites like this today, and the same will go for our weary soldiers when the next revolution comes….and it’s coming now. Will you be one of the chump bastards turning your nose up at our warriors?

So which is it? Do you support those who lead the fight, or do you turn your sorry ass nose up at revolutionaries like a bitch? You can’t have it both ways.

Many people like to criticize everything people like myself try to do, especially collecting donations, but these are also the people who do not donate.  I have said before, show me a way to collect donations instantly online that doesn’t involve using some jew owned service, and I will do so.  Nobody has stepped forth to show how this can be done yet.  I stated the same with my BANNED book.  Show me a way to print and produce copies of the book for everyone, without involving jews, and I will do so.  Nobody stepped forward.

That said, most people simply refuse to donate anyway.  Why should they support someone who spends their time trying to get the message out to the public?  Why won’t they show their face and stand behind the message like I do? Oh right, it’s rather fucking dangerous to do, so what exactly are they criticizing?  Why should they donate to people who have risked everything, including their livelihood to speak the truth?  Why should we actually have a support system, where patriots and revolutionaries support each other?  We might actually stand a chance of winning a few battles if our most outspoken warriors were actually supported in one way or another.  We can’t have that, can we?

Very few people donate, but those who do are appreciated, because it certainly makes a difference for those of us leading the fight, when it comes to our ability to survive day to day, and pay the expenses related to websites like this.  Some people actually do go through the effort of getting a money order or writing a check and mailing it to help out, but money orders are preferred, because a bounced check (which has happened) only costs me money, and doesn’t help support my efforts in any way.  Although a very nice gesture to send a check, it only takes away from money used to maintain my computers, hosting, etc. when the check bounces in my account.

This time around with the attacks on my efforts to raise some funds came on the heels of some funny circumstances.  As I went to check my yahoo email account, which my paypal account was attached to, I noticed that there were THREE messages with the subject “How to reset your password” for paypal, and a FOURTH message from Yahoo it’s with the subject “How to reset your Yahoo! password”.  So, it seems someone attempted to actually get into my paypal account, and my yahoo account, because I never made a request to reset either password.  With my paypal account, it seems they actually succeeded, because I had to use secret question confirmation to reset my password again, because my regular one was no longer working.  Funny paypal claims to be trying to ensure security by freezing my account, yet someone was able to reset my password without my authorization.

Here you can see the messages in my inbox showing someone attempted first to reset my password on my accounts. You can also see I immediately withdrew all funds from paypal, which they may now seize, because paypal is known to be crooked kikes who steal people’s money.

Needless to say, I reset both passwords on both accounts to much more difficult passwords, in order to keep whatever JEW was after my account from gaining access, and there is no doubt it was a jew.

Since the jews who attacked my paypal account were unable to gain unauthorized access (a felony) they obviously decided they would email paypal and have them shut down my account, because the jews at paypal have no interest in allowing free speech, as you will see here shortly.  In fact, youtube also just blocked my latest account for “hate speech” as you can see below.

Youtube is a jew owned piece of shit also, that will claim that speaking the truth is “hate speech” and close your accounts at will. This is something I have become used to over the years, but I still have multiple accounts.

See, if you don’t support those who publicly speak out, they will simply block your accounts, erase your words, and make it as if we never existed to begin with.  Just like those found guilty of “thought crimes” in George Orwell’s 1984, anyone who speaks out against “Big Brother” (i.e. the communist jew rats in control) will be erased from the system, history will be edited, and eventually there will be no record that such things existed.  If you think that’s funny, you just wait, because with every major website or service controlled by jews, we are not very far off from having this happen.

Thankfully we can take screen shots, and others can archive information to keep it available.  Also be thankful that there are a number of copies of Basic Training for Revolutionaries floating around planet earth in hard cover format (only about 50 copies) that can be shared with people for decades to come, should we ever lose the internet to speak our truths.  Maybe one day copies of this book will become the coveted manuals for those of the “Brotherhood” who stand out against “The Party” (communist), as it was in 1984?

So, here is what happened once these foolish kikes were unable to hack in and thieve anything from my paypal account.  They went and complained to their jewish rat friends at paypal, and had my account frozen.  Check out this email:

The jews are NOT intelligent, because they were too STUPID to realize there is NO paypal donate button or logo on SN’s website.

So, what exactly is their acceptable use policy?  Wouldn’t you find it funny to know that SN has NOT actually violated this “acceptable use policy” in any way?  The jews are actually rather retarded, slow thinking people.  If you read the acceptable use policy, you will see that you can use paypal for anything that may “relate to sales of” blah, blah, blah, “items that promote hate, violence, or racial intolerance”.  Unfortunately, the moronic jews at paypal, so blinded by their supremacism can not see that there is NOTHING FOR SALE on SN.  Nor is there any paypal button or logo here, but regardless of these facts, the account is frozen as of now, and I have requested that they CLOSE the account.  This will be my last go round with these kikes in this manner.

If paypal disagrees with the content of your website, your account will be shut down, regardless whether you are actually in violation of their rules, as they state them, or not. It is clear that paypal is a subversive, anti-human, jew owned treasonous entity.

Here is yet another look at the idiocy behind paypal’s position.  It is blatantly obvious that this has nothing to do with me SELLING anything related to hate.  I don’t have anything to sell.  What’s funny is, paypal is more than happy to keep my account open, if I remove any reference to them from my site.  I figured, instead of do that, I would show you what paypal was really all about, and they can fuck off about the account.  These jews are more than happy to keep collecting fees when the account is used, they just don’t want people like me to be able to get support using their service, because it goes towards stopping these jews.  They don’t want their service used by a website that exposes what a bunch of subversive, murderous, racist, supremacist shit bags they are.

Again, you can see that paypal seems to think I am actually selling something, because I would HAVE to be selling something to violate their terms of service. Since I am not selling anything, this clearly demonstrates that paypal is violating their own acceptable use policy to attack my account.

Anyway, this is how the cookie crumbles when jews control everything around us.  For a while it worked to keep the donate button on Real Oath Keepers to accept donations.  It is NOT here on SN, and there is NOT anything being sold, but the racist, anti-human, subversive, baby raping jews at paypal have no problem breaking their own rules to lash out at those who speak the truth.  I am not even really upset that they closed the account, because hardly anyone donates through it anyway, and I knew these kikes would shut it down again.  With no way to receive funds readily, there is really no way to build any kind of real organization, so that part rather sucks, but maybe people won’t see it as such an issue to walk a check to the mailbox now.

If you are one of the few (very, very few) people who would like to donate and support SN and it’s owner (me) in this fight, then contact me personally, and I will give you the information needed to send a donation directly to me. My personal address has been given publicly on this website a number of times, but I may set up a P.O. Box for people to donate through.  There’s no point in risking giving out my home address to any old fool that wants it, when nobody will even support my work, let alone be here to fight off any attacks that may occur against me or my family.

Donations are ALWAYS NEEDED for someone like myself with zero income, so don’t be shy about helping.  Even if you don’t, this website will remain, as I will scrape as much as necessary to keep it alive as long as I can.  I will update it at my leisure as usual, and will continue the fight without you.  If you feel SN has helped you better understand the jew problem, then help out.  If you feel SN is a good resource, then help out.  If you feel too selfish to bother, you should get a job at paypal.


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