Police Beat Man Having Drug Overdose After Friends Called 911

The following was shared anonymously VIA the submit page. Why would someone share a post anonymously? Obviously to minimize exposure and If you have a story of police brutality please and would like to put a spotlight on the officers responsible, please share it with us for publishing. If you would like to take a more active role in spreading the message that “badges don’t grant extra rights”, consider joining the CopBlock Network and filling a role that best fits your lifestyle.

Buddy Gillespie and Scott Gricks
Arapahoe County Sheriffs Office

OK, so I made a bad decision and overdosed, EMS got called but the police got here first. My roommates were giving me CPR when the cops kicked them out of my room. Next thing I remember is coming to and someone kneeling on my chest, I started freaking out, flailing around as a result I cut my finger pretty bad. The cop ends up punching me 3 times in the face.

I had to stay in ICU overnight because he broke my orbital, gave me a broken nose and a hemorrhage. When I Got released there were no charges or paperwork. I had a civil rights attorney, she found out now I have six felony assault charges and resisting arrest warrant. If I was charged, how come I got to go home next day?

I’m working on getting a good criminal defense lawyer but I had to start a GoFundMe to get a retainer. Please keep my name confidential, I feel like they will retaliate and come get me on the warrant as opposed to letting me get caught. I have zero criminal history.  I just feel lost and don’t know what to do.

This is a perfect example of police escalating situations that they aren’t necessary for in the first place. For starters Colorado has good Samaritan laws in place that protect people from arrest for certain types of drugs and paraphernalia. Coupled with that fact that no one at the house had victimized anyone else with their peaceful yet possibly reckless behavior. The only thing the police should have been trying to accomplish was to resuscitate the individual.

Instead they brutalized him and charged him with assault and resisting for merely trying to fend off the stranger kneeling on their chest. With no incentive to do anything but criminalize peaceful drug users, this type of violent reaction to substance abusers will continue and the vile war on choice will continue to subjugate anyone who exercises  autonomy over their body.

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Celebrity Cop Fired for Refusing to Fight Drug War

Source Article from http://www.copblock.org/171000/police-brutality-2/

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