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by Katherine Frisk

Malala Yousafzai, 16, a most courageous Pakistani Girl, who survived an assassination attempt by the Pakistan Taliban for her crime of advocating for the education of girls.  She spoke beauifully in the United Nations.  Watch her on VIDEO

Malala Yousafzai, 16, a most courageous Pakistani Girl, who survived an assassination attempt by the Pakistan Taliban for her crime of advocating for the education of girls. She spoke beauifully in the United Nations. Watch her on VIDEO

The solution to poverty, overpopulation and the obvious threat this poses to the dwindling availability of resources that cannot sustain large populations is obvious. But the solution requires investment, time, patience and hard work. It requires money.

In the 20th century all of this was available to us, but many instead chose more profitable options such as armed conflict and genocide which is the aftermath of war; or poisonous genetically modified maize which increases infertility and cancer rates; vaccines disguised as anti-malaria in order to make women infertile; or viruses like HIV, Bird Flu, Mad Cow disease or Ebola. Cull ém and make a profit.

The real solution is the education of women. All women. This requires money and investment. Singapore took this option and in a short span of time, reduced poverty levels and created a stable population growth rate that would not threaten this islands limited resources. Birth control and family planning was part of the program. They did not resort to dictatorship coups and the culling that invariably ensues justifying these actions with excuses that range from “political dissidents,” “liberals,””communists,” “terrorists” or “engineered civil war.”

A country like India which has a disastrous over population problem and poverty levels so horrific that are not seen in many other parts of the world, is exacerbated by little to no education for the majority of women coupled with a medieval caste system. The cause is a social and economic system where women are third class citizens, forced into arranged marriages, the purpose of which is the transference of wealth from the bride’s family to the bridegroom with expensive dowries attached. In other words, parents pay a heavy price to marry off their daughters. The resulting poverty and overpopulation is dealt with by abducting women and forcing them to have their tubes tied rather than educate them. Bride killings are also common.

In South Africa poverty levels even after 20 years of ANC rule is still blamed on “the whites.” A convenient whipping boy for all current social, economic and political problems. But the root cause for high poverty levels and unemployment is the low standard of education for the vast majority of black women, coupled with a disastrous social scourge where almost 50% of women are single parents, some supporting up to six children with little to no financial and emotional support from the fathers of those children. The situation has been exacerbated by a decline in family values and responsible parenting; high divorce rates; the institution of marriage denigrated; and the proliferation of hard-core and often violent pornography that has as its spawn, rape, sexual child abuse, teenage prostitution and unwanted babies.

This is the real cause for inequality and high poverty levels in many countries. In South Africa where the demographics have now changed from the rich “whites” versus the “poor blacks,” to the rich black fat cats who have benefited the most in the change in government over the last 20 years and now outnumber white millionaires 10/1, the present and the daunting future where almost 50% of homes are run by low earning, single mothers with minimal education struggling to feed, clothe, house and educate their children with little to no support, is feeding the social and political degenerate scourges of poverty, overpopulation, unemployment and the resulting high crime rates.

Unfortunately, the ANC government adopted Outcomes Based Education, similar to the American equivalent, Common Core. To say that this system is a disaster, is an understatement. In conjunction the schools provided by the government since 1994 have reduced their standards to such a third world level, that educators are now saying that the hated “Black Education” under the Nationalist Apartheid Regime was first world by comparison with what has developed in the country today.

Add to this that almost 95% of South Africa’s Maize and Soya is genetically modified, while at the same time GMO is being banned in most European countries. The herbicides that are used on these varieties have been proved to cause infertility, cancer and organ failure. And GMO seeds are under patent, which means that the GMO companies can sue should anyone, a farmer or a suburban housewife propagate their own seeds or plant their own vegetable gardens. They intend extending this criminal patent practice to all vegetable and fruit varieties and later to meat products, if they have not done so already through DNA patenting. You will be fined when your cat, dog, canary or pet pig has babies because they own the patent.

Do they intend culling the population with infertility, cancer and organ failure through Maize and Soya which is a staple diet, instead of investing in a high standard of free education for all, especially for women? Is this their brand of sustainable development? Genocide rather than education because it is more profitable along with mercury laced vaccines that line the pockets of Big Pharma for anything from flu to malaria? In time the same will apply to water. Rain Water Tanks, Atmospheric Water generators, boreholes and underground water will all be owned not by the government, but by corporations like Nestle.

One of the reasons people pay taxes in the first place is so that the government they voted into power and pay for provides a high standard of education for all. Instead the ANC has gone the corporate fascist model where some ANC members are even going so far as to suggest that all schools and education facilities should now be privatised, this with a disastrous social backlog of almost 50% of mothers with little to no education, earning low salaries and being single parents?

The result will be a rising, uneducated, unemployable poverty class. Who will be blamed? Apartheid ended over 20 years ago. The ANC has been in power for over 20 years and all they have succeeded in doing is destroying the education system, increasing poverty levels and adding to a growing population rate that for the most part is unqualified to join the job market. Many South African politicians also have shares in and promote Corporate Genetically Modified Farming.

School girls are not taught birth control and family planning and are not prepared for the realities of parenthood and all the responsibility that entails, as I am sure is the case in India. Instead South Africa now has a growing pro-abortion program. Again, money-making genocide as opposed to education. Abortion clinics paid for by the tax payer. I would rather pay for education in birth control, family values and family planning with responsible and educated future parents.

Needless to say, a high standard of equal education for all is necessary in order to nurture democratic societies where every citizen has the right to participate and contribute towards the well-being of a nation. The provision of first world education, health care, transport and safety and security, is the reason that they pay taxes in the first place. All these facilities provided by the government in South Africa since 1994 have either gone into rapid decline or have been privatized where only a small minority, of ALL race groups I might add, have the earning ability to afford first world standards.

Corporate, fascist police states who all support passing legislation such as the TPP and the TTIP, nurture a two tiered society with the feudal corporate 1% rich and the uneducated 99% poor and regard my views in the above paragraph as the threat of “socialism” and “communism.”

The  Corporate Vampire Squid does not like competition, they don’t want you getting any capitalist ideas and starting your own vegetable gardens, grocery stores, clothing manufacturing, engineering or even news media outlets. And do not be fooled by a franchise system either, it is another trap for total control. Create a “fashionable” cult, then sell it as a franchised food, book or clothing outlet. You do not own your own company, you are the slave of the holding company, who unlike you, is registered on a island in the middle of nowhere and does not pay any taxes.

Self empowerment, individual innovation and business enterprise are threats to their economic, social and political hegemony as are ideas nutured in a high standards of education where people are taught to think for themselves, develop critical thinking, be creative and innovative and start their own business which in turn creates more job opportunities for society as a whole. Outcome Based and Common Core does not do that. Instead it reduces everyone to the lowest common denominator. They want you dependent on the government and the corporations for your livelihood and gainful employment. That is the nature of a Corporate Fascist State. But the fact is, neither of these institutions are providing it and unemployment is increasing to critical levels and along with it social instability.

Their solution is to limit the education and earning abilities of the hand that rocks the cradle. And if you can get the hand that rocks the cradle to kill off their own offspring through abortion, even better! This saves them the trouble of cleaning up the disaster of poverty, unemployment and overpopulation that they have created themselves through a failing education system because they do not want you to think!

Will they eventually resort to an engineered civil war in South Africa ? Like Ukraine and Syria? Are we headed for a “color revolution” and a CIA school of Dictators program similar to those carried out in South American countries, African countries, Eastern European countries and the Middle East? Mow the lawn. Get rid of the useless, uneducated eaters. Who is the next Pinochet, Duvalier, Mobutu Sese Seko, Mugabe or Idi Amin they are grooming for such a disaster? And what brand will they use this time? Red Berets? Or an “African Spring?”

The main players involved in these diabolical systems are the privileged in ALL races, nationalities, religions and societies. It is incumbant on all people throughout the world not to allow them to divide any society, nation or religious groups with their poison. For they use any and all divisions, real, imagined or created in societies to their benefit, and fuel hatred between all of them in order to achieve their aims. It is called playing both sides against the middle. And when those sides have destroyed each other, they come in and pick up the spoils.

Katherine Frisk is a freelance writer, political commentator and the author of:Jesus Was A Palestinian.


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  1. Excellent article. Sums up the on-going tragedy of the 21st century (but which, of course, began such a long time ago). I wish there were an answer …. a solution, but alas, I can’t even imagine where to begin. Perhaps Fukushima will make that dilemma moot.

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