Pro-White Activist Crushes Ditzy YouTuber BeautyCreep in Omegle Encounter

Ditzy female Scottish YouTuber BeautyCreep didn’t know what hit her when she matched with pro-white activist Brandon Martinez on Omegle.

The liberal femoid had no response to a logical analysis of where white societies are headed if they continue to allow hordes of animalistic blacks and moslems in their countries. She was informed that white women especially will become perpetual rape and sexual abuse targets for these primitive third world men, but logic couldn’t penetrate her pea-sized brain and she deflected with childish sarcasm.

Now she is mobilizing her Twitter followers against the valiant Conquistador who put her in her place.

On jewtube, BeautyCreep makes asinine and frivolous videos typical of women on the platform, like this one where she tries out some “period pants”.

Unmatched female intelligence on full display with that one, folks!

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One Response to “Pro-White Activist Crushes Ditzy YouTuber BeautyCreep in Omegle Encounter”

  1. Anon says:

    Of course someone bluepilled can’t deal with someone redpilled in debate. The only issue I have with that take is that it’s so generic that it’s not news. That chick has an ankle tat anyway, which further proves degeneracy, on top of makeup. 100% of women with tattoos and makeup are shit, no exceptions.

    It would be better to run some positive stories on decent women like Seana Fenner of Odinia and not random idiots that the jews want us looking at like (((celebrities))).

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