Radio Stormer: The Great Jew Impersonation Hoax

Daily Stormer
April 11, 2015


Andrew Anglin and Sven Longshanks take a look at some of the current news stories at the Daily Stormer.

First looked at is the unfortunate killing of a Black criminal fleeing from White Police Officer Michael T Slager.

Although it is one less Black criminal in America, it is very unfortunate that it happened, as it gives substance to Negro claims of persecution by White police.

From there to a wonderful hoax played on ‘The Times of Israel’ where an anonymous person pretended to be Jewish lawyer Josh Bornstein and managed to get an article published calling for horrendous abuse and torture of Palestinians, along with copious quotes from the Talmud.

As well as making people think about what the Jews actually do say about them, it also exposed the lack of any editorial oversight at the Jewish media outlet.

Finally the case of the Indian medical student pretending to be Black in order to get into medical school is looked at, along with some discourse on racial differences and ‘non-pigmented’ skin.


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