Religion – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

By Ron McVan

Christianity has emptied Valhalla, felled the sacred groves, extirpated the national image as a shameful superstition, as a devilish poison, and given us instead the imagery of a nation whose climate, laws, culture and interests are strange to us, and whose history has no connection whatever to our own. A David or a Solomon lives in our popular imagination, but our own century’s heroes slumber in learned history books.” ~ George Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

There is no religion more effective than one which is born of its own people, that which molds and cultivates its own character nationhood, concordant with Nature’s laws. All human progress springs from the repeated effort of the soul of man to give expression to those primeval spiritual ideas that were implanted deep within the genetic memory of each species when it first found its identity upon the earth. The old religion of Western culture was in direct descent of the Sun and Nature worship when man mirrored the world and the world mirrored man, and all was mirrored by the gods. These indigenous pre-Christian (Heathen) religions produced numerous spiritual archetypes from which evolved a common heroic folk-mythos, value system, gnostic wisdom and ethnic traditions spanning the entire, grand backdrop of life’s drama.

A religion aids us in our spiritual development and also strengthens tribal-social cohesiveness, a process through which man and tribe alike find a focus among life’s process of “Being and Becoming” amid the cosmos and chaos of a vast and uncertain world. An alien religion however, a religion whose history, heroes and cultures are not our own, rips a man from his ethnic roots and traditions and divides him against his own blood kin! When a religion preaches suicidal doctrines such as “Turn the other cheek” “Love your enemies” “Resist not evil” “We are not of this world” and other such self defeating mind cancers to the vibrant healthy thinking process which everyone is genetically gifted with at birth, then we are simply assuring our certain doom as a people! Any fighter will tell you that if you go into combat with an enemy thinking anything less than total victory, more often than not you will lose! By comforting religious followers with “head in the sand” “pie in the sky” psycho-babble blather, is to break a people down to the level of sheep and cattle! And what will you say to these men and women when you have succeeded in stripping them of their indigenous gods and heroes and natural will to survive? A noble breed conquered and humiliated thou despicable priest-crafters? When revolutions and corrupt governments have spilled their blood in the streets, in the struggle for their earthly freedoms, liberties and existence!

When the “Survival of the Fittest”, and the instinctive “Will to Power” has been removed from the soundness of the ancestral psyche, it will leave a people completely vulnerable to become subjected to tyrants or eventually slayed without mercy? The priest-crafters will say what they always say when they have no answer, “It was God’s will” The priest-crafters cannot explain to anyone what “God” really and truly is, but they always seem to always know what God is thinking! When in doubt just say, “It was God’s will”. If that doesn’t cut it then try the next best bullshit answer …uh, let’s see, “God works in mysterious ways!”

An indigenous religion helps man to accept himself and his life condition, rather than falling prey to the infirmities of the existing world, thus providing the necessary influences and the active mental development of a progressive race and heritage. C.G.Jung states, in essence, that “human beings have a religious need, but that this need is not for religious belief, but rather for religious experience. Religious experience is a psychic event which tends toward the integration of the soul and thus represents the function of the psyche as a whole. Religion is the acknowledgment of the higher realities that consciousness fails to recognize, and if carried to its full psychological fruition, it brings about the inner unity and wholeness of the human being.”

Our beliefs guide our desires and shape our actions. The short life of man may be observed as a high wire act, and a large enough deviation to either side of Nature’s Eternal Laws can very likely send man plummeting to certain misfortune and disaster. The pathway to truth is ultimately “straight and narrow”, and it is the only path that will lead us to our highest potentialities. Man’s unique gift, above all other living creatures is his ability to direct his personal life path as he sees fit, and to a limited degree, from the world around him according to his ideas. Unlike any other creature we possess the seemingly god-like powers to explore distinct worlds beyond the confines of the planet which we inhabit. This divine gift is the creative and multi-faceted human mind, and not unlike a religion, it can be our salvation or ultimate destruction. Not only do we have the power to take our own life, but through technological means, the destruction of the whole world as well. Already rivers of blood, torture and needless oppression have been the result of man’s unbridled, narrow-minded thinking and equally narrow-minded bigoted religions. Any religion which functions on the premise of fear is not a sound religion, it is a deceitful, sham religion! As Virgil once stated, “We make our destiny by our choice of the Gods.”

Freedom makes for more and greater freedom, while subservience to the blind law of a blind demiurge creates further slavery. One cannot free oneself by bowing to the yoke, but by breaking it!” ~ C.G.Jung

Science has served to help us get over the many abject fears and uncertainties that man has endured for many generations. Science can teach us and produce many comforts and advancements, but it is not an end in itself, nor will it ever fill our spiritual needs. It has been said that science can explain nearly everything except the scientist himself. Man thinks, but knows not wherewith he thinks. He aspires, yet he knows not wherewith he aspires. He lives, yet he knows not wherewith he lives. He is here upon earth, yet he knows not whence he came, how he came, why Nature should precipitate him into such a state or whither he is going at the expiration of his mortal stand. How unfortunate, then, is the lot of this poor animal, whose learning can but reveal to him how much there is he does not know.

So long as science, religion and philosophy find no common ground, human effort can never be coordinated to the perfection and needs of a sound society which is the only possible way to insure the aspirations and dreams of our future. It may be that, as three dimensional beings, we are incapable of ever totally comprehending the God Absolute, or for that matter our own reason for being,. But we are very much capable of comprehending our folk God archetypes which stir the blood and course the channels of our conscious and collective subconscious mind. All of our ancestral pagan pantheons, be they Teutonic, Celtic, Slavic or Greco-Roman Olympian Gods and heroes, are of extreme vital importance to the ongoing development of a wholesome nationhood. Those long developing ethnic pantheons are in fact a tapestry of who we really are!

The original patriarchal God of the Aryans was known among all the Indo-European nations (circa 4000-2000 B.C.E.). His first name was Dyaus Pitar (Divine Father), which is the same as the Greek Zeus Pater, the Latin Jupiter or Deus, the early German Tiu or Ziu and Norse Tyr, later to be succeeded by the Teutonic Allfather Wotan, who has remained the ‘consistent’ supreme high God through Western Euro-history. Prior to the God Tyr, reigned the Titan god Poseidon. Among the early Celts there was the God Bel, Cernunnos, and Taranis among others. Apollo was worshipped in both Northern Hyperborea and later Southern Europe. In those truly spiritual days before corruption of authoritarian alien religions, “Reality” was the total of all the inner and outer world. There was no division of sacred and profane. All of life was sacred. The entire pantheon of our Heathen Gods and Goddesses, still serve to make the divine truths and life mysteries comprehensible.

The most singular, suicidal mind disease to ever infect and erode the Western World thought process has been Judeo-Christianity with its many varients. For the first time in history of all ages a rapidly declining civilization is capable of discerning the causes of its decay. For the first time, has at its disposal, the collective reasoning strength of science, coupled with the re-emergence of its true, spiritual, religious origins. A sound and wholesome world needs knowledge, truth, strength and courage, not unnatural fears, ignorance, suppression, meekness and self-hating humility. Through Christianity, irrationality deified the will to absurdity sanctified!

A race is sustained, not only by the superior minds and might of its people, but, also, by the great spiritual teachers and religious, ethnic customs. Try to imagine the Jewish nation without their Moses, or the Arab nation without Muhammad. One of the banes of religious and cultural progress has been the inter-locking power of gullibility and flat out stupidity below the lust for power above, which paralyzes the efforts of free-thinking rational men between the two. Knowledge of self, means knowledge of consciousness, which is the home of both ethnic spirituality and scientific concepts. Both the scientist and pagan often share the same mantel as fellow free-thinkers. It has never been an easy road for either of the two. For who has suffered more under the yoke of Christian oppression for close to 1,000 years afflicted? What was their crime? That they sought truth over ignorance, freedom over slavery, advancement over stagnation or our own natural instincts and heritage over alien creeds and customs?

American Negroes zealously emphasize the rigors of 200 years of slavery in America, as if only they alone had only been enslaved. Jews rant hysterically and endlessly about their holocaust. Yet if one is to understand horror and suffering in the full sense of the word, then we must comprehend what the free-thinking, Heathens, alchemists and scientists suffered under the Christian pogroms and the Inquisition. This was a deliberate religious slaughter of innocents, unparalleled in the Western World. A darkness and utter hell on earth which reigned for a whole millennium!

With the close of the 20th century it is clear that we are reaching a turning point beyond which we dare no longer submit to the rigidity of false dogma. Foreign religion that does not share our own common history, heroes and customs will never serve the vital interests of its people. It is also, necessary to point out that there is a singular problem within all religions in general. The sacred mystery writings contain considerable power in and of themselves through the arcane spiritual content and potency of direct speech. Those who wield the words often have a tendency to use that power for their own personal aggrandizement and prestige over their adherents. Churches may owe their origin to the founding teachers, but these teachers have seldom had much influence upon the churches which they founded, whereas, churches have had enormous dominating influence upon the communities in which they flourished. Most of the great founding spiritual teachers of olden times would be appalled at what their original work would, over a course of time develop into.

The very worst despots of the earth have not been more greedy than the ‘representatives’ of the man whose kingdom was not of this world.”

Life is lost at finding itself alone. If ever there were a preeminent birth of tragedy, it was when the Western World turned its back on the indigenous Gods of his people. On that day he sacrificed the very roots of his being, ushering in the labyrinth of his own descent. The Euro-Western World has had more than enough of pseudo religions, haughty priest-craft and churchianity. The man who seeks spiritual contentment in such a self-deceiving folly is like the man who never leaves the domestic circle for fear that he might not be accepted on his own, that his word might not be law, or perhaps the unnatural and highly destructive fear of being eternally damned. It is the work of a higher culture that lives in accordance with Nature’s Laws, which are more than just laws alone, they are life itself! Not only should every individual develop spiritually through the ages, but the life and culture of a people must manifest upwardly as well, both sound and secure in it’s own heritage and nationhood.

The history of the world has never been known as the theatre of happiness and never will be. Life is a harsh and often brutal testing ground of diverse and opposing forces. It is to the greater advantage of man to comprehend the whole universe as one commonwealth of which both the Gods and man are members.

Thought possesses all things, but this does not make the world around us unreal. Our Gods are more real by far than the biological body of transient flesh which houses our spirit. In fact, there is no human being of any race, who, if he truly follows the celestial guidance of his ethnic folk archetypes, cannot attain the highest conceivable fulfillment. This is not utopean dream talk, it has been proven by the many Golden Ages through the pages of history.

Experience has repeatedly confirmed that well-known maxim of Sir Francis Bacon that, “A little philosophy inclineth man’s mind to atheism, but depth in philosophy bringeth men’s minds about to religion.” The folkish Heathen religions can only be better or worse to the practitioners, never true or false. As man finds his way back to the gods of his origin and blood, he shall then be able to draw from within the secret of their wisdom and inspiration and the all-embracing strength of their immortality. The anthropologist E.E. Evans Pritchard summed religion up in these few short words: “Religion is what religion does.”

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