Renegade Jew William Kristol’s Anti-Trump “Renegade Party” Failing Miserably

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 18, 2016

William KristolWilliam Kristol

On Monday, the Jew William Kristol announced that he would be dubbing his new anti-Trump coalition “The Renegade Party.”

He made the announcement on Newsmax TV with host Steve Malzberg, a fellow Jew.

This is a surprisingly low-profile platform to announce this on – apparently the major media outlets didn’t want to deal with it.

The results have also been low-profile, though perhaps that part isn’t very surprising.

He apparently chose the name in response to the Jew Horowitz calling him a “renegade Jew.”

This is in itself weird.

The new party has launched a Twitter account (@RenegadeParty), which, after two days, only has 3,118 followers.


The overwhelming majority of tweets to the new account are anti-Semitic insults.

I’m just picking a few at random here.

Literally, the majority of replies are “oh surprise, the filthy Jews need more wars for Israel.”

The goyim definitely know what the anti-Trump movement is all about, which is why Horowitz and Geller had to come out and attack Kristol as a bad Jew. The message to the goyim is “yeah but it isn’t every single Jew…”

I have no idea why Kristol thinks it’s a good idea to keep pushing forward with this.

It isn’t just the Twitter page that’s failing – no media is even paying attention to it.

The Jew doesn’t really seem to have any idea what’s even going on.

Here he is in December of last year:

Turns out, Trump got more votes than any other GOP candidate ever in history – and the voting isn’t even through yet.

Kristol: No one in America is interested in buying what you’re selling.

Just go back to Israel, you scumbag.

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