Rep. Gohmert: Fauci Must Be ‘Held Responsible’ for Unleashing Mass Death on the World

During a recent appearance on Fox News, Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Tex.) segued from talking about the border crisis in his home state to calling for fake government “doctor” Tony Fauci to finally be held accountable for committing crimes against humanity.

rep. gohmert fauci must be 'held responsible' for unleashing mass death on the world

Gohmert stated plainly that Fauci lied to the American people and caused countless deaths with his actions. Everything from the lockdowns to the mask mandates to now the jab mandates have wrecked untold human life, not to mention social cohesion and civilization itself.

“Fauci needs to be held responsible for the deaths that are being created by the things he’s foisting on the American people,” Gohmert told the host.

“Everything that Fauci has talked about has not been effective. It’s not working.”

Gohmert went on to explain that the latest data out of the United Kingdom shows that over the last three months, a whopping 81 percent of all covid-related deaths have occurred in the fully vaccinated.

“Dr. Robert Malone, the guy that discovered, that created the mRNA, the technology that’s used in the vaccinations, he is extremely concerned,” Gohmert added about the horror show that is unfolding.

“There hasn’t been adequate testing and this changes people’s genetics, and it does do irreparable damage in many cases they know of, creating lesions in the brain, creating damage to the organs, and especially the reproductive system.”

Time for more action and less talk

Gohmert also expressed discontent with the federal appeals court’s reinstatement of the Joe Biden mask mandate, calling it an unconstitutional assault on health freedom.

“The courts are sticking their finger in the wind instead of looking to the Constitution,” he said.

Forcing the jabs on children is especially concerning, especially since there are no adequate studies or research to back their safety and effectiveness. Truthfully, there is no scientific backing to support anyone getting injected with these things.

“Adding on and saying let’s give this to children five years and up – are you kidding?” Gohmert expressed.

Gohmert has a lengthy history of saying these kinds of things but not actually following through with anything other than words. A year ago, he filed a lawsuit against then-Vice President Mike Pence calling on him to overturn the electoral vote, which we know was fraudulently cast for Biden.

That lawsuit ended up being a dud, but had it succeeded, Pence would have been granted “exclusive authority” to determine the final outcome, potentially in favor of Donald Trump.

“Hope big talking Louie will be putting Fauci behind bars like he did with Benghazi, Fast and Furious, IRS Lois Lerner, et al!” joked one commenter at The Gateway Pundit (TGP) about how Gohmert’s words do not always lead to action.

“Well, maybe he can have Lindsey Graham ‘get to the bottom of this’ and go from there,” this commenter further scoffed.

Another brought up something that Gohmert did not, explaining that early treatment with remedies like hydroxychloroquine and zinc would have stopped the plandemic in its tracks and saved many lives – if only it would have been allowed.

“Talk talk talk blab la bla, it’s all we get,” wrote another.

In response to the article about Gohmert’s lawsuit against Pence, a Natural News commenter expressed that Pence already had the authority outlined in it – “so why the lawsuit?” this person asked.

“Fraudci’s push to censor cheap therapeutics for Covid-19 is based on the Big Pharma / bureaucrat profit model that has been in place at least since the AIDS crisis,” another TGP commenter said.

“Like Covid-19, Pig Pharma never wants to see a cure for cancer, either.”



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