Right Wing Round-Up: A Political Necessity

  • Russ Bynum @ The Associated Press: Conservative group tells judge it has no evidence to back its claims of Georgia ballot stuffing.
  • A conservative group has told a Georgia judge that it doesn’t have evidence to support its claims of illegal ballot stuffing during the the 2020 general election and a runoff two months later.

  • Philip Bump @ The Washington Post: The final repudiation of ‘2000 Mules.’
  • [Dinesh] D’Souza’s argument depends entirely on True the Vote’s data, as he explained when we spoke in 2022. Much of it was immediately disproved.

  • Angry White Men: Right-Wing Author Bethany Mandel Announces Campaign For Board Of Education In Maryland.
  • Bethany Mandel’s decision to run for Board of Education in Montgomery County, Maryland seems like perplexing choice. The self-described “homeschooling mother of six” is a right-wing author who supports “school choice.” Montgomery County, on the other hand, skews heavily Democratic, with nearly 80% of voters in 2020 casting their ballots for Joe Biden.

  • Andrew Perez @ Rolling Stone: Social Media’s Cringiest Conservative Is Running for School Board — As a Democrat
  • Mandel tells Rolling Stone she has been a registered Democrat for several years, as a matter of political necessity. “Elections in this county are decided at the primary,” she says. “The county executive won by less than 100 votes.”

  • Ron Filipkowski @ MeidasTouch Network: DeSantis Walks Back FL Book Ban Statute He Once Championed.
  • Upon his return to Florida after his disastrous presidential campaign, Ron DeSantis has decided to walk back his policy under a firestorm of criticism about the law. This morning, he actually expressed outrage at his own supporters and the very law he championed.

  • Ben Lorber @ Religion Dispatches: Meet the ‘Bronze Age Zionists’ — Far-Right Jews Embracing Fascism in the Wake of October 7.
  • Since October 7, a micro-community of what I’m calling “Bronze Age Zionists” has emerged with greater visibility on sites like Twitter and Telegram, Discord and TikTok, determined to put a Jewish, and militant Zionist spin on the ‘dissident Right’ (formerly known as the alt-right).

  • Dan Ladden-Hall @ The Daily Beast: Trump Claims His Bizarre Haley-Pelosi Mix-Up Was Deliberate.
  • Donald Trump says a gaffe in which he appeared to confuse former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and his presidential election rival Nikki Haley wasn’t actually a gaffe at all, but rather a deliberate rhetorical ploy to articulate the point that, in his view, “they both stink.”

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