Right Wing Round-Up: A Simple Dichotomy

  • Mike Hixenbaugh @ NBC News: Alabama justice who ruled embryos are people says American law should be rooted in the Bible.
  • On the same day that Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Tom Parker handed down an opinion declaring that fertilized frozen embryos are people, imperiling women’s access to in vitro fertilization treatments, he espoused support for a once-fringe philosophy that calls on evangelical Christians to reshape society based on their interpretation of the Bible.

  • Christian Right Observer Weekly: Volume 6
  • CROW’s 7 stories on the Christian Right that you need read this week.

  • Tori Otten @ The New Republic: Guess What Just Disappeared From GOP’s Biden Impeachment Website.
  • It’s not going great for House Republicans after their star Biden impeachment witness was indicted.

  • Isaac Schorr @ Mediaite: CPAC Panel Recasts January 6 Rioters as ‘The Real Heroes’ for ‘Putting Their Lives on the Line’ After Police Started ‘Attacking the People.’
  • January 6 rioters who violently beat police officers and ransacked the U.S. Capitol were praised as “the real heroes” during a panel at the Conservative Political Action Conference on Friday.

  • Jeet Heer @ The Nation: Hit Trump on Theocracy, Not Hypocrisy.
  • The former president’s alliance with religious fanatics is a far bigger problem than his lack of piety.

  • Media Matters: Mark Levin: “This is a battle between good and evil. We’re good, they’re evil.”
  • When’s the last time a liberal ever talked about individual liberty or property rights or God-given rights? They’re all there in the Declaration of Independence. They never talk about it, ever, because they don’t believe in it, that’s why. This is a battle between good and evil. Good and evil. We’re good, they’re evil.

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