Rod Thomson: SCOTUS exposed Democrats as the true threat to democracy with Trump ballot ruling

Rod Thomson: SCOTUS exposed Democrats as the true threat to democracy with Trump ballot ruling

The U.S. Supreme Court has exposed the Democrats as the true threat to democracy with its decision that keeps former President Donald Trump on election ballots, according to public relations (PR) specialist Rod Thomson.

Thomson, a former award-winning daily newspaper reporter and editor, expounded on this in a March 6 op-ed published in Human Events. He pointed out that the federal high court’s March 4 ruling “is a win for the democratic process and for order.”

According to CNBC, all nine justices of the U.S. Supreme Court unanimously ruled to overturn an earlier decision by the Colorado Supreme Court (CSC) that disqualifies Trump from appearing in the Centennial State’s ballots. The state high court cited the insurrection clause of the Fourteenth Amendment as basis for its decision.

“We conclude that states may disqualify persons holding or attempting to hold state office. But states have no power under the Constitution to enforce Section Three with respect to federal offices, especially the presidency,” the high court ruled.

“For the reasons given, responsibility for enforcing Section Three against federal officeholders and candidates rests with Congress and not the [individual] states. The judgment of the CSC therefore cannot stand.”

CNBC added that the March 4 ruling not only overturns the CSC’s earlier decision, but also sets a precedent for similar ballot bans such as those implemented by Maine and Illinois.

“Letting it stand would have led to election anarchy where presidential candidates, probably from both parties, would be on some ballots and not on others,” Thomson continued. “It would have collapsed the American system, and one must wonder if Democrats are simply comfortable with that if it means maintaining power.”

He ultimately pointed out that the ruling “gifts Republicans a rare messaging bonanza they can ride all the way to November,” and that the decision “blows up the Democrats’ strategy” of running on the platform of “saving democracy.”

SCOTUS justices from left to right see the dangers of ballot bans

The PR specialist and founder of the Sarasota, Florida-based political consultancy The Thomson Group also pointed to the unanimous 9-0 ruling. He added that even justices from the most conservative to the most progressive wings of the bench were aware of “how wrong and dangerous” Colorado and other blue states are for banning Trump – currently the leading candidate for president based on various opinion polls.

Thomson noted that the Democrats, not the Republicans, are the ones “removing their primary political opponent from the ballot” and “denying voters even the opportunity to cast a vote.”

“Democrats are trying to imprison their political rival to keep him from running, … trying to bankrupt their political rival and his campaign … [and] trying to remove their political rival’s ability to even make money by taking his company from him and his family. Every one of these steps by Democrats is prima facie anti-democracy. Everyone paints the picture of a rogue, deeply anti-democratic [and] anti-American party,” Thomson said.

The PR specialist added that while Trump himself is being targeted for alleged “election interference” by Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis, the Democrats are actually practicing it by pushing to remove him from the ballot and put him behind bars. The former president wanting recounts “pales in comparison” to the Democrats’ actions, he remarked.

“This is an easy message to carry. And it can go a step further. This is straight-up election interference. That is a phrase that resonates with the public as Democrats and their media lapdogs have harped on it incessantly, and largely fictionally, for three years. But this unanimous ruling shows that Democrats are the ones actually practicing election interference.”

Watch this video about leftist Democrats promising to commit insurrection and vote fraud in the upcoming 2024 elections.

This video is from the glock 1911 channel on

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