Russia Wants to Make Istanbul Constantinople Again

Greve Hans
Daily Stormer
June 17, 2016


Based Russian lawmaker Vitaly Milonov, internationally famous for Russia’s anti-sodomite laws

Russian remover of GRIDS and proud Orthodox Christian Vitaly Milonov has stricken fear into the hearts of Turk cockroaches with his new proposal to call the occupied Greek city Constantinople it’s rightful name again instead of the Turkish fake name “Istanbul.”

This is just as the proud Russian nation did under the enlightened rule of the Tsars, before the Jewish Bolsheviks took power and started to dissolve Russian culture.


St Petersburg city lawmaker Vitaly Milonov, known as the main sponsor of the Russian law banning gay propaganda to minors, has proposed that the Turkish city of Istanbul be renamed Constantinople on all Russian maps and in state-approved textbooks.

Many residents of our country still connect the city of Istanbul only with the history of Byzantium. Before the Bolshevik revolution, this city was not named other than Constantinople in our country. Today, many Orthodox Christian nations, for example, Greece, maintain this tradition,” Milonov wrote in his letter as quoted by RIA Novosti.

The return of the city’s historical name would symbolize that our country and our people keep the tragic fate of Byzantium in its memory,” Milonov wrote. “We do not reject the modern name but also keep our right for historical justice even though it is contained in the form of a symbol.”

Just call for the crusade already.



Russians have a deep cultural bond to Constantinople that goes back to the very start of the Russian civilization. One of the more common examples is the fact that a Greek named Cyril gave them their alphabet.

Another is how Moscow was seen as the third and last Rome, with Constantinople being the second. A fourth would not come, because should Russia fall nothing would stand against the reign of (((Antichrist))).

Maybe they had a point.

The audacity of the Turks has reached new heights each month and they are just waiting to be humbled. Whether that be by the Kurds, the Russians, Alexander the Great 2.0 or civil war, we will have to wait and see.

Greek Priest on the inevitable fall of the Turk

The Jews hate religion with a passion because the existence of God means the Jew is inferior to something. The eternal enemy does not want that. Just as Lucifer rebelled against God, the Jew wants to rebel against God’s creation. He is incapable of any sort of humility.

Joseph Goebbels realized the demonic nature of the Jew

Jews are literally the spawn of Satan.

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