Valérie Pécresse and friend.

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In polling for France’s April Presidential election, just behind Macron at 24%, is Valérie Pécresse from the mainstream conservative party surging forward at 17%. 
Pécresse is now thought to have the momentum to get through the first round in April and win the run-off in May. Pécresse is certainly French establishment, but makes people feel she is capable of restoring some normalcy to French life.
Olaf Scholz is the Chancellor of Germany.

He defends Israel. 

PETER HITCHENS: A return for Tony Blair? That really is my nightmare before Christmas

‘Instead of being furious at the Government for devastating the economy, crashing the NHS, relaunching inflation, stealing our most basic liberties and all that, we are collectively enraged because they had a few quiet drinks in the office last Christmas … 

‘The most gripping political event of last week was the Labour Party’s decision to support the Government’s latest Covid measures. If they had voted against them, they could have brought the Government down …

Sooner or later it is going to occur to LABOUR that they once again need the empty, unprincipled political glam rock star who longs above all for adulation and fame, and whose shimmering fake brilliance conceals the shifty bunch of machine men, spin-doctors and manipulators who actually run things.

PETER HITCHENS: A return for Tony Blair? That really is my nightmare before Christmas

Putin and Xi plot their SWIFT escape


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