Slovakian MEP Issues Threat: Slavs Must Unite and Destroy Europe



Miroslav Radakovsky, a prominent EU lawmaker and founder of the Slovak PATRIOT party, delivered a stark warning to his colleagues in the European Parliament during a debate on a stalled plan to provide €50 billion ($54.6 billion) in additional EU aid to Ukraine. Radakovsky cautioned against the continued supply of weapons to Ukraine, asserting that it would lead to more Slavic casualties in the conflict with Russia and could incite a violent revolt against Western Europe.

In a passionate plea on Tuesday, Radakovsky emphasized the need to halt the support for the conflict, stating, “We need to stop supporting the killing of Slavs. Because if we don’t, we Slavs might unite as brothers — and I believe that we will — and raze Western Europe to the ground, to the La Manche, a lawn. And I believe no one here wants that to happen.”

Radakovsky, known for his vocal opposition to funding the Ukraine conflict, had previously cast a dissenting vote when the European Parliament labeled Russia a “state sponsor of terrorism” in November 2022. He argued that the Ukraine crisis is fundamentally a problem related to the US and its global interests, accusing the EU of becoming a vassal of the US.

“The EU has become a vassal of the US,” Radakovsky asserted. “We need to start peace talks, but without the US. We need to stop the killing.”

These remarks unfolded as MEPs gathered to discuss the EU’s latest aid package for Ukraine, a plan that was vetoed by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban in December. EU leaders have been striving to persuade Orban to reconsider his stance before the issue faces another vote on February 1. A group of 120 MEPs even called for Hungary to lose its voting rights as a form of disciplinary action.

Harald Vilimsky, leader of Austria’s Freedom Party, voiced opposition to increasing the EU budget for additional aid to Ukraine, criticizing potential maneuvers to override voting rules. He warned that such actions could further erode public trust in the EU. Vilimsky accused the EU of perpetuating the Ukraine conflict without actively seeking to end the bloodshed, attributing a significant part of the problem to corruption fueled by EU funds.

Claire Daly from Ireland criticized her fellow MEPs for indirectly benefiting defense contractors rather than aiding the Ukrainian people by prolonging the conflict with Russia. She argued that the conflict could have been stopped earlier if the West had not vetoed a peace agreement in April 2022.

Mick Wallace, another MEP from Ireland, echoed these sentiments, highlighting the scarcity of anti-war members in the European Parliament and lamenting the rejection of amendments calling for increased diplomatic efforts in Ukraine. He accused EU lawmakers of supporting substantial military aid that sustains a “NATO proxy war.”

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