“Sorry, I Don’t Have Time. My F—ing Editor is Making Me Cover Donald Trump.”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 12, 2015

I don't know who's unbagging who anymore.I don't know who's unbagging who anymore.
I don’t know who’s unbagging who anymore.

Donald Trump is the Alpha Troll. He has forced the media into 24 hour coverage of every single thing he says or does.

The Hill:

Donald Trump is again dominating the media’s coverage of the presidential race, frustrating his Republican rivals who can’t gain traction for their own campaigns.

Trump’s proposal to bar Muslims from entering the United States provoked wall-to-wall coverage, even though it has little chance of becoming U.S. law and has been repudiated by Democrats and Republicans alike.

“I’ve never seen anything like it, it was like 9/11 coverage,” said one operative from a rival campaign who spoke freely on condition of anonymity. “I talked to two reporters yesterday about potential story ideas, and they said, ‘Sorry, I don’t have time. My f—ing editor is making me cover Donald Trump.’”

The constant media attention has been the main ingredient in Trump’s lasting popularity. It has contributed to keeping him well ahead of his rivals in national presidential polls and surveys of states with early primary contests such as New Hampshire and South Carolina.

Even negative coverage can be a boon to Trump, helping to firm up his base of supporters and communicate his wildly popular brand of straight-talking, anti-establishment conservatism that he punctuates with unapologetically outrageous statements.

Trump’s proposal to bar Muslims from the U.S. came at a point when his media coverage had faded. Prior to those comments, the number of times he was being mentioned on television compared to other candidates was at its lowest point in months, according to data compiled by The GDelt Project, which monitors news coverage.

And it came on the heels of a poll in Iowa that showed Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) surging past Trump to claim his first lead of the cycle in an early-voting state.

Many Republicans viewed Trump’s proposal as a calculated effort to recapture the spotlight and stake out the far-right position on an issue that animates the base.

They believe the media has fallen into his trap.

It wasn’t so much a trap as it was a nuclear bombing. There was no way it would have been possible to have not covered this.

Right. But maybe you shouldn’t have attacked the Death Star?

What makes it all the better is that it wasn’t simply a media stunt (although the timing of it was clearly calculated), but a completely reasonable and obvious position to take.

Yes, there is obvious truth to the assertion that Trump exploits the media machine with spectacle. But the real key to his success is his ability to say things that bought and paid for politicians are not allowed to say.

His ability to unbag cats, if you will.

unbagged cat 1unbagged cat 1unbagged cat 2unbagged cat 2unbagged cat 3unbagged cat 3

Donald Trump’s America is an America where cats roam free, unleashed from their bag prisons.

Trump’s media dominance is hurting the other candidates who have to spend valuable campaign dollars on ads that have, for the most part, produced only small returns on investment.

Those poor dears.

After all, this is America: they should be able to buy the nomination with donor blood money.

How dare a Donald cause a shake-up by releasing all of these bagged cats?

Trump has spent only $300,000 on a series of radio ads in early-voting states, a stunningly small amount for a candidate who has spent months atop the polls.

By comparison, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and a supporting super-PAC have spent more than $30 million on ads so far this cycle. Bush’s poll numbers are in the single digits.


Jeb has a $30 million dollar bag, and not a single cat will climb into it!

unbagged cat 4unbagged cat 4

Cats want freedom, Jeb! They want to roam freely and explore the landscape! They have no interest in your sneaky bagging agenda!

But there’s little reason for Trump to spend on additional advertising when he’s already on television at all hours.


This is known as "full spectrum dominance." This is known as "full spectrum dominance."
Every channel: Bagless cats.

This is known as “full spectrum dominance.”

Republicans see a double standard in Trump coverage. No other candidate has a standing offer to call in for interviews, particularly on the Sunday news shows. But Trump — who pulls massive ratings for the networks — does that regularly from Trump Tower in New York City.

These people are literally whining!

And when Republicucks went yonder, and saw the cat which had been released for its, they feel down on their knees and wept.And when Republicucks went yonder, and saw the cat which had been released for its, they feel down on their knees and wept.
And when Republicucks went yonder, and saw the cat which had been released from its bag, they feel down on their knees and wept.

Maybe yall faggots should consider promoting things that people support instead of making insane statements about how the “deepest core values” of America are tied to Islamic immigration!

Removing a cat from a bag requires a very small effort - but very massive balls. Removing a cat from a bag requires a very small effort - but very massive balls.
Removing a cat from a bag requires a very small effort – but a very massive pair of balls.

But you can’t, because you’re all bought and paid for shills for capitalists and kikes!

This is the grave you dug for yourselves! Have at least a smidgen of self-respect and do not whine as the Donald shovels dirt on your corpses!

“The [media and Trump] are obsessed with each other to the detriment of the other candidates, and thoughtful voters, frankly,” Gail Gitcho, a former spokeswoman for Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal’s presidential campaign, said in an email. Jindal dropped out last month.

That frustration is also boiling over once again among the GOP contenders who have long taken issue with the media’s focus on Trump.

This week, Bush scolded reporters in New Hampshire, saying that his proposals to defeat the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria and deal with Syrian refugees were being ignored.

“He’s playing you guys like a fine Stradivarius violin,” Bush said. “This is what he does. He’s an expert at this. He’s phenomenal at garnering attention.”

What a whining little bitch.

Does it not cross his cuckold mind that his status as a whiner may be connected to his status as a loser?

Would Conan the King have attempted to use whining as a means to escape the evil Kothian wizard Tsotha-lanti’s Korshemish dungeon? Would he have lectured Amalrus and Strabonus for the role they played in ensnaring him in the wizard’s clutches?


No Jeb, you faggot. Conan would not do that.

In fact, it is not simply the low-fantasy genre that is devoid of whining winners. I am aware of no realm, of any realm, where anyone other than spoiled children achieved an objective by whining.

Bottom Line

Trump dominates because Trump is a winner.

Yall can't step to this. Yall can't step to this.
Yall can’t step to this.

You cannot be a winner in a climate of total political control unless you have the balls to unbag a cat or two.

May Donald Trump reign for a thousand years, and may cats never again be placed in bags against their will.

unbagged cat 7unbagged cat 7

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