Spiegel Editorial Slams Obama For Telling Europeans ‘To Emulate His Failed Strategy’

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Gus Lubin
Business Insider
Oct 3, 2011

As Washington pushes harder for a bold resolution to the euro debt crisis, the conflict has turned into this: Germany versus the U.S.

Der Spiegel’s Michael Sauga slams Obama in a editorial for being like “the village judge Adam, who passes judgment on a crime he committed himself.”

Namely the President is encouraging “turbo-Keynesianism” despite all of the problems it caused in America:

From Spiegel:

Not even the financial sector, with its affection for cheap money, believes that this is the way to guide the United States out of the crisis. When the Fed recently announced a new version of its low-interest-rate policy, with the snappy name “Twist,” it led to a sharp decline in the stock market instead of the expected boost.

It is all the more disconcerting that Obama is now recommending that the Europeans emulate his failed strategy. To save the euro, the president has proposed that Europe take on more debt to augment their bailout funds and stimulate their economies. Like a doctor caught prescribing performance-enhancing drugs, Obama has not chosen to cease his activities. Rather he is trying to ensure that as many people as possible have access to his wares.

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5 Responses to “Spiegel Editorial Slams Obama For Telling Europeans ‘To Emulate His Failed Strategy’”

  1. man for man Germany always has been far more successful than America. So has Holland, Switzerland and even Britain. At no time in Americas history could it compete on a proportional basis with leading European nations. What America calls a state, Europe calls a country. Germany is the 2nd biggest exporter in the world (marginally eclipsed by China since 2008) What state in America can compare? If you put all American states together, they don’t have the same export trade as the single European state of Germany.

    It seems Americans think that their history of under achieving allows them the right to advise. Greece accounts for 2% of Europes trade i.e. a few billion per year. America is 15 trillion in debt and they want to advise on the economy.

    Is everyone smoking crack in the USA?

    youngearthcreationist Reply:
    October 3rd, 2011 at 2:51 pm

    Since WW2, the German Reich has been occupied by the 4 major allied countries. In the Western occupation zone, the SHAEF laws are supreme legislation in West Germany and since 1990 also in Middle Germany (the former German Democratic Republic), since the Soviet Union ceased to exist and Russia opted out occupying Germany middle. The Russians (and for that matter also the Poles still control East Germany-Slisea, Pommerania and East Prussia) under International Law.

    SHAEF stands for Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Forces. It is headed by the USA.

    So as long as the German Reich gets a peace treaty, her citizens are slaves to the occupiers. That’s why the both German puppet governments had to sign the enemy clause of the UN charter, when they joined the UN in 1973. The FRG and GDR had to swore alligience against Germany (the German Reich) and her citizens.

    The German Supreme Court had to admit that fact in 1973, when they declared that the German Reich still existed and that the FRG was not the legal successor but only an administrative occupation zone.

  2. some people like riddles or question games:

    Here is one for you all to play. if you desire( of course).

    ”They reflect the prophecies because of their own hidden agendas??????” who are they?

    Now if you take time to do your own research like Alex JOnes always tells us, maybe we might start to make more sense of all the none sense?

    Vic Reply:
    October 3rd, 2011 at 2:41 pm

    what are interdimensionnal portals?

    why are the Jsuites on Mount Graham? The Jésuite astronomers are there.Have you never wondered why?

    Or Babylone (Iraq)

    or Tibet

    or even IRAN?????????

    Or Egypt???
    Or salomon’s temple now under water ?????

    The Vatican ???

    what were those sacred places? why all the hidden truth about them?

  3. It is just a matter of time that wars start not because of oil anymore, but financial arguments. But that is probably far beyond our lifetime.

    That first Geithner, now Obama push the EU to do the same mistakes they did is just hilarious and yet, I am not so sure anymore that they won’t follow the “advice”! That Germany is against it is logical, because their economy is ok, they have the lowest unemployment rate since 1991, but in the end they also will have to follow suit.

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