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Here’s Dr. Fauci’s Evangelical boss at NIH using his BioLogos video platform to unsuccessfully debunk the numerous Covid conspiracy truths (Video)

In video, Francis Collins addresses skepticism of the coronavirus’s natural origins, which is higher among Christians. REBECCA RANDALLChristianity Today Image: Illustration by Rick Szuecs / Source image: Courtesy of Biologos In Christian communities, science news on COVID-19 arrives in a landscape already shaped by tricky contours, including not only broader societal skepticism toward science but […]

Look at how BioLogos, founded by NIH Director is Francis Collins, is religiously shaming Christians to reject Covid conspiracy truth!

By Deborah Haarsma, Jim Stump  and David BullerBioLogos If your social media newsfeeds are like ours, then they have been chock-full of conspiracy theories about the coronavirus and our government’s response to it. We see many of our Christian friends considering conspiracy theories—if not believing them, at least listening to them. Why are conspiracies so […]

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