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NWO Pyroterrorists Manufacturing Massive Fast-Burning Firestorms Across Northern Texas (After Geoengineers Droughted The Region) As…….

…Brutal Punishment for Austin’s Republican-Run Government Challenging The Biden Administration For Their Treasonous Open Border Policies Which Permit The Flow Of Millions Of Trained Mercenaries and Terrorists Across The USA. ___ Source

How implausible it is that the geoengineered and DEW-triggered West Coast firestorms stop right at the Canadian border! (See Fire Maps)

Hal Turner Radio Show For weeks, Americans have watched the news of so-called “Wildfires” in western states. Politicians like California GOvernor Gavin Newsome, have told citizens these fires are “proof of climate change.” That nonsense is laid to rest by a remarkable coincidence: All the “wildfires” cease at the Canada border! Here’s a map showing […]

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