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The Homo Floresiensis Controversy: The Hunt For The Modern Hobbit A Hoax?

Has the search for the modern relatives of Flores Island’s Homo floresiensis turned into a hoax-hunt? Everything that scientists thought about human evolution changed in 1856 after the first fossil evidence of ancestral human forms was discovered by quarrymen in the Neander Valley in Germany, sparking great debate about the then unknown evolution of our […]

Is Ancient Human Species Homo Floresiensis Still Alive in Indonesia?

In his newly published book Between Ape and Human, retired anthropologist Gregory Forth breaks the taboo that normally separates traditional anthropological and zoological research from cryptozoology  Read more Section:  News Evolution & Human Origins Read Later 

Chomping Away at Human Evolution: The Hobbit Bite of Homo Floresiensis

Back in 2003 a team of archaeologists excavated some skeletal remains on the island of Flores in Indonesia within the Liang Bua cave. Little did they know that their discovery would be the start of decades of scientific debate and the designation of a new species, Homo floresiensis (a.k.a. the Hobbit). Professional obsession with where […]

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