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Fredric Jameson’s “Political Unconscious” appears in Persian 

Fredric Jameson’s “Political Unconscious” appears in Persian  – Tehran%20Times TEHRAN – American literary critic, philosopher and Marxist political theorist Fredric Jameson’s 1982 book “The Political Unconscious: Narrative as a Socially Symbolic Act” has been published in Persian. Translated into Persian by Hossein Safi, the book was released by Nimaj in Tehran. In “The Political Unconscious”, […]

Jenna Jameson: Hollywood Is Run By Pedophiles Who ‘Sacrifice and Torture Children’

The world is run by “elite” pedophiles who hunt and torture children for sport, according to former adult star Jenna Jameson, who says Hollywood has remained silent on child sex trafficking because “not only do they partake, they are covering for the big league hitters.” According to Jameson, Hollywood is controlled by pedophiles, many of […]

Ex-Porn Star Jenna Jameson Says Jeffrey Epstein Is An “Amateur” & Children Are “Hunted” At “Parties”

What Happened: In a series of recent tweets, Jenna Jameson shared that she has “heard terrible things about “The Hunt.” Implying that societal elite people “hunt” children as young as 4, at “parties.” She went on to state that “These topics circulate” among the elite. She also tweeted about Hollywood, expressing that “The reason why Hollywood […]

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