The Bombing and Destruction of Istanbul International Airport in Pictures

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The Bombing and Destruction of Istanbul International Airport in Pictures

After countless hoaxes and staged events it has now happened. An Operation Gladio-style false flag attack has really occurred, in this case at Istanbul’s International Airport, leading to the deaths and wounding of hundreds of people. Some 45 people have died, many of them killed by the concussive effects of the bomb-blast and/or injured by projectiles, that is shrapnel. Others were shot to death, hunted down as if wild animals being chased. Even so, this post is dedicated to the people who lost their lives as well as the multitude of those who were injured: in order to act as a means of clarification – to make it clear that this event really occurred and there was great suffering as well as much loss of human life.

Yet, some say that the Istanbul attack, too, is fake. This is understandable, since the Zionist-controlled Turkish government has put on a number of fake terror attacks, including arch-phony suicide bombings. When a person at a distant first told this author about it, and before any analysis was made, fake immediately came to mind, as this is the modern-day standard and the timing was sufficiently bizarre. It would be at the minimum a cover-up for the failed Orlando shooting hoax; that was the initial consideration.

Yet, this is not the case. This is a real terrorist act, as any careful review of the imagery will reveal. Certain videographers are demanding that people consider it fake. This is done maliciously. The purpose is to sow confusion and to, essentially, make fools out of people.

The real crime, here, is the fact that fake terror attacks have been so extensively perpetrated, largely paid for by the people’s tax monies, and this is surely the in the United States and Europe. Turkey, too, has sponsored a number of hoaxes, including fabricated suicide bombings.

This was no fabrication. Improvised bombs did explode. Detonation belts, so-called suicide belts, were detonated, blasting people to smithereens. Guns were fired by terrorists, and that gunfire was returned. Here, as one of the terrorists rounds the corner he is fired upon by at least two security guards, one of which hits him, while the guard himself is struck by the long-gun.

Though he is shot, he is still sufficiently capable that he fires a salvo from the semi-automatic gun in the direction of the armed guard:


It can be seen that he is facing the guard, shooting precisely in his direction. Even so, the impact of the bullets from the security agent knocks him down, and his gun flies away, and, then, he looks up towards it.


After taking him down the guard approaches him.

Here, the guard is seen to be standing above him, aiming his weapon.

Though wounded himself, the security guard runs for his life after realizing the untenable; the terrorist begins fumbling with an explosive vest, which is about to detonate.


Upon careful reviewing of the CCTV camera it can be seen that he does, in fact, kill himself. He had then pulled the plug on his detonation vest and then exploded himself, apparently killing others along with him.


The explosive belt is extensively powerful, sufficient to kill and wound others in the immediate area.

As the initial blast dissipates the fire came be seen arising directly from his body. Then, what happened to the terrorist?


He was apparently blown apart in two. In fact, he was dismembered.


As the CCTV view ends a portion of his body can be seen shooting off, apparently his leg, with blood trailing:


If he is an ISIS representative, that makes sense, since ISIS is orchestrated through the Synagogue of Satan, as this ISIS posting found throughout Jerusalem makes clear. After all, the logo says that ISIS is a Jew entity.


Jew, yes, but actually, Jew “1”, the number being removed, below, for emphasis:


It’s brazen, surely, beyond belief.

The explosion of this bomb, among others, led to fatalities, with some people being killed instantly. Blood was splattered about, even into the ceiling.

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 1.07.58 PM

Here, exit holes are seen from the firing of AK-47 bullets. The annular cracking with shattering of the glass is as expected.

The powerful shock-wave dislodged ceiling tiles throughout. Claims that these were dislodged artificially are false. On CCTV camera it can be seen that they fall down in response to the concussive effects of the bomb-blasts.

The shock-wave of this bomb led to fatalities in this area, including the deaths of three taxi-drivers.

In this view during the shock-wave of a bomb let loose inside the airport, the ceiling tiles can be seen collapsing downward. There is metal and plaster associated with this. All this is sufficient to cause significant injuries.


Here is the blast zone from another view-point. In the background some of the glass is shattered. Some of the victims have been covered up, while the forensic crew is busied taking images. The terrorist maliciously targeting these people, killing as many of them as possible.

In another view of another bomb-blast zone additional fatalities can be seen, disguised in green:


That blast was sufficiently powerful to kill the people outright, so they could not be saved. Some were likely killed and/or injured from flying shrapnel. The objective clearly was to murder as many innocents as possible. They couldn’t have done it alone. ISIS – the Israeli Secret Intelligence Service – aided them, providing them with the know-how, the fake passports, the training, the explosives, and the weapons.








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