The commandant of the Marine Corps Says Smart Kids Not Wanting To Die From Forced Killer Jabs Has Deterred Enlistments

The Ole Dog! was paraphrasing the headline.
What the mass murdering lying cowardly misbegotten evil ball-less son of a one eyed, three legged flea infested street mutt bitch with chronic diarrhea really said was this:

“myths and misbeliefs” about “Covid-19” “”vaccines have deterred enlistments.

In other words kids smart enough to figure out there was no pandemic, rather there was a scamdeic

and who do not want to fight wars for Israhell’s (Rothschild’s) benefit

enough to take a Ratschild’s assisted suicide death jab to do so for chump change.

The “news article” (propaganda piece) I took the headline from in which the evil cowardly 30 shekel whore mass murderer of GIs is trying to blame kids being too smart to commit assisted suicide to keep up the numbers of recruits the Marine Corp will murder with a killer jab anyway as “myths and misbeliefs about Covid-19 vaccines”, calls him a “Top General”.

This is utter bull s#it.
America has not had a general since USA helped red Communist Russia murder WW2 American general George S Patton

for trying to stop the Rothschild’s pre-planned Cold War

and the complete take over of Washington DC with Rothschild’s red Russian Communism/Zionism which now runs DC.

As for this treasonous 30 shekel whore masquerading as a “general”, the rancid piece of pig s#it who mass murders American children with killer jabs for 30 shekels, a better brand of booze and a warmer place to sleep, should be given a fair Nuremberg Military tribunal followed by a fair hanging.

The Ole Dog!



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