Imagine a movie script in which everything you read, hear, and see is concocted by a global cabal of elites bent on profit at all cost. If you can believe that Sylvester “Rambo” Stallone avenged America’s loss in the Vietnam War, then Hollywood run by Zionist mafiosos is just another movie and popcorn. Allow me to present you with an all-star cast of globalist propagandists.

When a friend shared a video featuring legendary actor Morgan Freeman warning Americans we are under attack by Russia, I figured it was some kind of spoof. Then I followed the headlines and the trail of Russophobic nonsense back to an organization called the Committee to Investigate Russia. The video is part of a campaign by filmmaker Rob Reiner and his scary friends to put the fear of Putin in every heart in America. Quoting the Daily Beast on Freeman’s performance in the short: “We have been attacked. We are at war.”

With all the sincerity and vigor the Academy Award winning actor is famous for, Putin and Russia are sizzling on the ultra-liberal hot plate. Freeman does a masterful job as always, with one small problem. Everything he says in the advertisement is a lie. But Hollywood is widely known for spinning whatever the media bosses need spun. What’s most important to understand about this new non-profit, is who stands behind. Reiner, Freeman, and the former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper (and NSA liar) are joined by George W. Bush’s speechwriter David Frum (Board of Directors of the Republican Jewish Coalition) and a cadre of other “winners”. Reiner’s listed co-conspirators at CIR are not nearly as interesting as the unlisted ones.

If you know anything about social media and the web, then you know there is no hiding the truth when all is said and done. What goes on the web, stays on the web, forever. So, Rob Reiner tweeting with pride Freeman and his spanking new Council to Investigate Russia initiative also linked him inextricably to some rather unsavory characters. One of these is a man called Bill Browder, the CEO of Hermitage Capital, Head of Global Magnitsky Justice campaign, and Author of Red Notice. For those unfamiliar with the billionaire financier, Browder’s outfit was the largest foreign portfolio investor in Russia, that is until Vladimir Putin tossed him and his henchmen out on their ears for trying to carve up the nation’s wealth for the globalist elites. That’s right, Reiner’s new Red Scare initiative is linked to the Zionist mafia bent on destroying Putin and stealing Russian wealth.

Browder is not “first” among the tweeps CIR followed, but he is 8th after; the host of The Stephanie Miller Show, Michele Reiner (Reiner’s wife), the aforementioned David Frum (3rd), US Navy spook Malcolm Nance turned author, Rob Reiner himself, his dad Rob Reiner, and Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Russia/Eastern Europe Evelyn Farkas, followed by Browder and a “who’s who” of Donald Trump haters. CIR’s follows reflect the people influencing and those to be influenced by Reiner’s movement including the warmonger Senator Adam Schiff, Newsweek wild man Kurt Eichenwald, and the ultimate crazy Senator Dianne Feinstein.

In another report I’ll present more “comrades” of Reiner’s and this CIR. Today the organization’s efforts are new, if backed by considerable media push. That said, as a social media expert I find it interesting that a Facebook profile only posting since September 9 has over 60,000 followers. Perhaps the Morgan Freeman ad is just that successful? The Twitter profile of the organization was established back in 2015, which makes me wonder about just when this initiative was originally planned, and by whom. Let’s face it, celebrities don’t just create Twitter engagements willy-nilly and for fun.

Finally, for those of you who think Rob Reiner ever changed from his role as “Meathead” in the 70’s sitcom All in the Family, his organization mentioning ousted Russian oil oligarch and mafioso Mikhail Khodorkovsky proves Archie Bunker was right about his “Meathead” son-in-law all along. Morgan Freeman exuding authority and patriotism for a group like this is sickening for me. These people are presumptuous in the extreme, expecting the average person not to see through the tail of Hollywood wagging the dog for war. I think we need to reexamine what the constitution means, and especially about treason.