The Daily Traditionalist: The Nationalist Front

Radio Aryan
June 7, 2016

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Matthew Heimbach hosts a solo edition of The Daily Traditionalist based around presenting a path forward for our movement and our people. Matt starts the show by showing that any nation where Whites lose control will inevitably be attacked, blamed and displaced until we no longer exist. The Whites of former Rhodesia have all but disappeared, even though they were promised a “Rainbow Nation” where all races would get along with one another.

In South Africa the White minority is banned from jobs, welfare programs, education and being able to celebrate their own language, culture and Identity after they gave up their power in the early 1990’s. The only solution to multiculturalism is not the capitulation of Whites to our own genocide, but the establishment of our own nation for us and by us.

The anti-Federalists in America predicted the tyranny that White Americans now live under. The control of a Jewish run private central bank, the Orwellian police State, the proposition nation that undermines local control over areas and opens the floodgates to the Third World; all of this was predicted by the patriotic anti-Federalists before the Federal Constitution.

Due to Judicial Review any and all laws or rules passed through political reform will inevitably be tossed out by activist judges in the name of “Civil Rights.” We cannot reform this System, we can only leave it.

We have a choice between slow and steady demographic destruction or building our own independent nation State.

Matthew Heimbach is working with several pro-White leaders to establish a document of founding principles for a declaration that it is hoped all pro-White organizations can agree upon. A statement of principles that every group, leader and member of the pro-White cause will be proud to stand upon, leading towards the building of an ethno-state on the North American continent for our people.

Tentatively called the Nationalist Front, this would be an umbrella organization with pro-White groups retaining their sovereignty and autonomy over local decisions, while uniting together in a shared dream for a shared Homeland that we will build through our own labour, our own perseverance and our own sacrifices.

This umbrella organization would be organized as an anti-imperialist and anti-colonialist movement, working to free ourselves from the Jewish oligarchs who currently dominate America and the West as a Banana Republic under their boot heel.

Demographics are quickly shifting in America and the best path forward for our people is to work with fellow ethno-nationalists so each ethnic community could have their own Homeland, free to govern themselves according to the best interests of their ethnic community, their culture, their traditions and the best interests of their people.

All peoples are under attack by the same gang of Jewish oligarchs in the repressive Federal regime, the same crooked bankers and politicians who also run the European Union. To secure a future for our people, we must remove ourselves from this regime and build a new nation free from their debt slavery and our forced demographic decline. Matthew Heimbach has a dream, will you join in sharing that same dream and turning it into a reality?

Presented by Matthew Heimbach

The Daily Traditionalist: The Nationalist Front – DT 060716

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