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‘It’s Elementary My Dear Watson’ – Unmasking the Viral Paradigm

‘It’s Elementary My Dear Watson’ – Unmasking the Viral Paradigmby Dr. Kevin Corbett, Christine Massey and Dr. Mark Baileysourced from drsambailey.comOctober 21, 2022 The British nursing academic, Dr Roger Watson, recently cited a Canadian study by Banerjee et al as an example of adequate controls being used in “viral isolation”. Watson’s article appeared in Toby Young’s The Daily Sceptic which purports to exist for airing views […]

Report: NFL to Seek Indefinite One-Year Ban for Deshaun Watson

An article by Andrew Beaton of the Wall Street Journal on Saturday claims that the NFL will seek an “indefinite suspension that would last no shorter than one year.” Source

Deshaun Watson’s Accusers to Sit Down with HBO’s Real Sports

On Friday, HBO announced that several of NFL Quarterback Deshaun Watson’s accusers will be interviewed by Soledad O’Brien on the next episode of Real Sports.

Absurd ‘antisemitism’ charge against Emma Watson has exposed witchhunt strategy of Israel supporters

It’s an obvious point, but the obvious bears repeating. The absurd accusations of antisemitism against actress Emma Watson last week for expressing solidarity for Palestinians have backfired against Israeli leaders and in one bright flash helped to discredit an ancient tried-and-true strategy of the Israel lobby: maligning critics of Israel’s policies as antisemites. Israel’s supporters […]

IBM’s Watson Dons Wig, Becomes Top Female ‘Jeopardy!’ Earner

CULVER CITY, CA—IBM’s Watson A.I. made history this week when it put on a fancy wig and became the top female Jeopardy! contestant of all time. Watson, who now goes by Wanda, smashed the previous record of $706,800 by a whopping three million dollars. When asked how she feels about the example she is setting for […]

The Sad Smear Campaign Against Emma Watson

Emma Watson This week the British actress Emma Watson shared an Instagram story that showed a picture of a pro-Palestine rally and the text, “Solidarity is a verb.” This might seem like an innocuous gesture to someone unfamiliar with how these things work, but of course nothing involving Palestine can ever be viewed as harmless […]

Emma Watson endorses Palestinian ‘solidarity’ — and Israeli officials lose their minds

Yesterday the British actress Emma Watson, who is an activist on gender issues and has 64 million followers on Instagram, reposted an image from a Palestine rally last May with the message, “Solidarity is a verb,” and a quote about solidarity from Sara Ahmed, the feminist scholar. And to judge from the crazed reaction by […]

Bubba Watson to Miss Open Championship After Covid Exposure Despite Being Fully Vaccinated

Fully vaccinated pro-golfer Bubba Watson took to Twitter on Sunday to say he will sit out the Open Championship because he was exposed to someone who tested positive for the coronavirus. Watson explained to fans that even though he has been vaccinated, not enough time has passed since he came in contact with an infected […]

Deshaun Watson’s Lawyer Blasts Sex Abuse Lawsuits as False, Blackmail

The lawyer representing Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson says that the sexual abuse lawsuits filed against the player are filled with false allegations and amount to nothing more than blackmail. In a statement released on Tuesday, attorney Rusty Hardin said that the player understands and celebrates women who are brave enough to come forward about […]

24 Women Accuse Deshaun Watson of Sex Assault, Misconduct

In the week since the first woman filed a sexual lawsuit against Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson, 23 additional women have now come forward with accusations and 14 lawsuits have been filed, including an alleged incident that occurred as recently as March 2021. Watson is accused of harassment, inappropriate touching, and assault including forced oral sex […]

Biden Diversity Strikes Syria (Paul Joseph Watson)

النيأ العظيم === [embedded content] Islam and Muslims مفهوم الحرية واستعمال العنف [embedded content] الاسلام والمسلمون [embedded content] Islamic jurisprudence crisis أزمة الفقه الإسلامي [embedded content] Pillars of Islam and the pillars of faith أركان الإسلام وأركان الإيمان [embedded content] More here (1 to 44) The Qur’an, Morality and Critical Reason (PDF) Source

App designed to combat malaria Finalist in IBM Watson XPRIZE contest

An app development team, called ZzappMalaria, which developed an app which uses AI to combat malaria, has become one of three finalists in IBM‘s the IBM Watson XPRIZE “AI for Good” challenge, according to a statement by the companyThe team is one only three finalists chosen from 10,000 teams interested and will receive $500,000 to […]

AMERICA 2021 (Paul Joseph Watson)

Posted on January 26, 2021 by martyrashrakat January 24, 2021 Paul Joseph Watson boys are back in town. [embedded content] Share this: Like this: Like Loading… Related Filed under: Corona virus, USA | Tagged: Antifa, “Occupy Capitol Hill”, Biden, COVID-19 pandemic, Trump, US Military Industrial Complex |

Democrat Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman Tests Positive for Coronavirus

Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman (D-NJ) has announced that she tested positive for the coronavirus and blamed her diagnosis on being trapped in the Capitol with her colleagues who “refused to wear masks.” Source

Rand Paul: No Scientific Evidence ‘Tyrannical’ Lockdowns Work, by Steve Watson

STRAIGHT LINE LOGIC Rand Paul is one of the politicians out there who’s not a complete stranger to common sense. From Steve Watson at “You can take advice and you can give advice. But once you mandate it, it doesn’t become advice. It becomes a form of tyranny.” Senator Rand Paul spoke out Monday […]

Killing Children Is Not Justice: Benjamin Watson Pushes Back Against Candidate’s ‘Reproductive Justice’ Tweet

Former New England Patriots tight end Benjamin Watson, a Christian who has been a voice for the unborn, recently pushed back against a tweet posted by congressional candidate Raphael Warnock, a “pastor” in Georgia who believes that abortion is “consistent with” Christianity. “I will always fight for reproductive justice,” Warnock, who will be facing a […]

Amazing Paul Joseph Watson video exposes false flag Syrian chemical weapons hoax

This is not “America first,” this is the deep state first. What is Trump doing, falling for this lunatic, Deep State false flag attack? We can only help cooler heads prevail, because a full scale Trump-US attack on Syria would result in a disastrous, wider world war with nuclear implications. […]

Video: Bradley County Sheriff Eric Watson Goes on Two State Manhunt for Wife’s Bail Skip

Download your free copy now. Source Article from

Video: Paul Joseph Watson Got Owned!

Video: Paul Joseph Watson Got Owned! I apologize, ancient Brits were in fact ‘typically’ black Paul Joseph WatsonPrison July 26, 2017 The BBC depicted black people as representing a “typical” family living in Roman Britain 1500 years ago. Yes, really. The media, a leftist oddball claiming to be a “historian,” and a bunch of […]

Government Has Found Yet Another Way to Invade Privacy and Stomp on Free Speech

by Lily Dane of The Daily Sheeple Because they haven’t found enough ways to track us and invade our privacy already… Right now, government scientists are working with the FBI to develop tattoo recognition technology that police can use to learn as much as possible about people through their tattoos. The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), the […]

Jew Nuland Allies with Cucks Against Russia

Please support us if you can. Daily Stormer is 100% reader-funded. And these bastards are always at our throats. Sign-up with Liberapay to make a weekly recurring credit/debit card donation: Details on signing up for Liberapay and other contribution options here. Source Article from

The Daily Traditionalist: The Nationalist Front

Radio Aryan June 7, 2016 Matthew Heimbach hosts a solo edition of The Daily Traditionalist based around presenting a path forward for our movement and our people. Matt starts the show by showing that any nation where Whites lose control will inevitably be attacked, blamed and displaced until we no longer exist. The Whites of […]

2015: 5000-Man Moslem March Through Nelson, England

Please support us if you can. Daily Stormer is 100% reader-funded. And these bastards are always at our throats. Sign-up with Liberapay to make a weekly recurring credit/debit card donation: Details on signing up for Liberapay and other contribution options here. Source Article from

Happening: Antifa Goes to War with Nationalists in Dover

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer January 30, 2016 Antifa have gone to war with nationalists in Dover, UK. Originally, it was a nationalist demonstration, but the antifa turned up to try and silence those who disagree with the policies of the government and banks. It’s still not fully clear how the battle is going, and the situation […]

Millions Unfriend Facebook

When Princeton researchers published a paper asserting that by 2017 Facebook would lose 80% of its users, the medium’s guru Mark Zuckerberg smiled indulgently. However, Germany’s noted Frauenhofer Institute reached a similar conclusion. Their studies analysed results from 175 different internet services across 45 nations. Google Trends offers the most respected analysis. Their findings disclose […]

Israeli Jews Begin Cucking Themselves for Blacks

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer January 19, 2016 The Jews continue to get high on their own supply of crazy juice. The editorial board of the Israeli newspaper Haaretz is now calling for the Blacks to be released from their concentration camps and onto the streets of Tel Aviv. Haaretz: Two years ago, a baby Eritrean girl, […]

Holland: Fourth Town Riots over Invasion (Video)

An angry crowd of 1,000 anti-invader protestors attacked the council building in the center of the south-eastern Dutch town of Heesch with eggs, projectiles, and an alleged Molotov cocktail on Monday evening, January 18, in the latest upsurge of militant Dutch resistance against the nonwhite “refugee” invasion of their country. The crowd—which had to […]

2015: Most Gun Sales Ever in History

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer January 15, 2016 Obama said he’d fundamentally transform America. We like it the way it was, all about guns and eagles. It is obvious even to retards that there is no possible way you could remove all of these guns from the street. At least not within a period of less than […]

“Hitler was Right” Stickers Posted Across UK Campus

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer October 30, 2015 And for those who dont think anti Semitism is a serious issue, these were plastered over campus on Tues #NUSzones15 — Izzy Lenga (@izzyjengalenga) October 29, 2015 As I have said many times, we are easily able to use the triggerability of the SJWs to our own favor. […]

Dr Watson: How IBM’s supercomputer could improve health care

  Martin FordWashington Post September 17, 2011 Watson, the IBM supercomputer that defeated the world’s best “Jeopardy!” players this year, has found a job in medicine. It won’t be consulting with patients, but a version of the game-show champion could appear in examination rooms, offering assistance to flesh-and-blood physicians. But how soon might you see Dr. Watson? And […]

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