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Date: Sunday, 17-Sep-2023 14:32:46

Navy SEALs Save Missing Maui ChildrenBy Michael BaxterSeptember 17, 2023United States Navy SEALs on Thursday found 15 missing Maui children imprisoned in padlocked cages lined with piddle pads at a warehouse near Pier 51 in Honolulu Harbor, but repatriating them with their families has proven problematic, a source in General Eric M. Smith’s office told Real Raw News.Since mid-August, the White Hat coalition has skirmished with regime forces while searching for 1,500 children whose parents had not re-enrolled them for school in 2023, even though many attended schools that survived the fires or were distant enough to avoid damage. Our sources believe that FEMA and the regime’s unlawful Joint Task Force 5-0, commanded by Gen. Charles Flynn, murdered many of the missing, evidenced by bodies found in mass graves, but do not believe that Biden’s forces gunned down or took flamethrowers to all 1,500.The federal government and its media allies have refuted claims that children in Maui went missing, saying they either left Hawaii or registered for distance learning due to an emerging strain of COVID.Our source said that is an implausible excuse, for U.S. Marines in Lahaina had interviewed credible residents who witnessed federal agents stuffing kids into busses and driving them to destinations unknown.“Our people get intel from locals, the ‘Lahaina Underground’, residents that didn’t flee and want Governor Green and the cabal ejected from the island. Our purpose is threefold: expel or destroy Biden’s occupying forces, aid relief efforts, find the children”, our source said.He added that Marine reconnaissance platoons in and around Lahaina heard rumors suggesting the feds had ferried or flown kidnapped kids from Maui to Oahu, ostensibly to sell to child slavers or adrenochrome harvesters. The stories were too numerous and craven to dismiss as hearsay, so Marines forwarded the villagers’ detailed accounts up the chain of command to General Smith’s office at Camp Pendleton.General Smith was particularly interested in a story that surfaced the previous day, originating from a Lahaina woman claiming to have overheard a conversation in which federal goons and JTF 5-0 personnel discussed a nefarious plan to sneak a dozen children they had hidden in Maui to a safehouse at the Honolulu docks on Oahu. She listened to only a fragment of the conversation before fleeing for fear of being captured or killed.Our source said that Gen. Smith contacted his U.S. Naval Special Warfare Command allies, who activated a SEAL team to investigate the terrifying tale. The team’s leader said the frogmen would leave at once for Hawaii but expressed concern that the children might be gone by the time they had eyes on Honolulu Harbor, as the intel would be over a day old. NSWC ordered the SEALs to check piers 39-51, where container ships routinely berthed, and nearby buildings for signs of missing children. An OV-22 Osprey on alert at Marine Corps Base Hawaii would await a request for extraction.The team arrived in Honolulu Thursday night and scoured several shipless piers and structures before abruptly stopping outside a storage building that smelled like ammonia; it held only fish packed in ice. Undeterred, the SEALs continued their rudderless search, finding at 3:00 a.m. a warehouse guarded by three men clad in tactical gear and toting automatic rifles. Cloaked in shadow, the SEALs deployed parabolic microphones and infrared scanners while aiming silenced rifles at their quarry downrange; the guards mumbled amongst one another about their frustration at being paid a pittance to work the graveyard shift, and the infrared guns revealed multiple heat blooms inside the warehouse.“They couldn’t tell the number of warm bodies in there, just clusters of temperature gradients. The probability of employees working in a dark warehouse at three in the morning was about zero”, our source said.A few SEALs separated into a sniper team and scaled an access ladder to the rooftop of a nearby maintenance building. They set up over watch while the oblivious sentries ambled about, their faces lit by floodlamps illuminating the façade. The SEAL commander said he wanted one alive, if possible.The sniper made a silenced shot, and a sentry’s head exploded like a tomato, the deep red of his brainy blood spattering everywhere and his head disappearing.“F*** this, let’s get inside”, a different sentry reportedly shouted, but his comrade had bolted across the platform, his boots thudding like hooves, and had run directly into the SEAL commander, who had maneuvered in the darkness as if guided by some inner sonar, sending the location of his prey.The SEAL commander subdued the sentry with a single punch to the kidney.The third guard was struggling to open the warehouse doors when a SEAL’s bullet struck his neck, killing him.Once inside the warehouse, the SEALs saw the unimaginable: sedated children, some covered in their own urine and feces, locked inside cages barely large enough to fit a dog. Not one child made a peep. They silently stared through wire mesh as if in a hypnotic trance. In all, the warehouse held 15 young children imprisoned in filth.The lead SEAL keyed his microphone. “We need extraction ASAP. It could get hot. Two enemy KIAs, one alive. Fifteen, I repeat 15, kids. All need medical”.“Airborne in two minutes”, came the reply.The VTOL Osprey soon hovered at the edge of Pier 51B and lowered its ramp. The SEALs carried the children’s limp bodies and an unconscious prisoner aboard the plane, then instructed the pilots to leave immediately.At Marine Corps Base Hawaii, staff treated the eight boys and seven girls for acute propofol, a potent sedative, intoxication. Bloodwork also showed traces of haloperidol, an antipsychotic medication for schizophrenia.The prisoner, identified as Ira Shockey, an employee of Academi, the private security firm formerly known as Blackwater, told interrogators he was hired to guard the exterior and had no idea who or what was inside. He has otherwise refused to answer questions, our source said.“What kind of people do this? The Deep State is an incubator of evil. It taints what it touches. Now we must find out if these kids’ parents are out there somewhere, or if they’re among the missing, or bodies we’ve unearthed. Macroscopically this seems insignificant—I mean, 15 kids out of 1,500 unaccounted for. We won’t stop until they’re all found or accounted for,” our source said.SOURCE:


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