The “Elites” Wanting To Reduce “Pollution” Should Eat Their Own Pistols

Eco Terrorist Greta is a Rothschild (GREAT GRANDFATHER WAS A BASTARD ROTHSCHILD) who’s parents are worth several million and receive stolen wealth from a Rothschild foundation to tell you to eat bugs

The world’s richest 1% emit near the same amount of carbon as the world’s poorest two-thirds, according to an analysis from the nonprofit Oxfam International.

This means that a small sliver of global “elites”, have produced as much carbon as the 5 billion people that make up the bottom 66 percent by wealth.

The “elites” have been caterwauling for generations on the “need” to reduce the number of humans on this planet to “save” the environment.

First off, without carbon, most all life on this planet would die.
Not taught in American Government Indoctrination Centers called “public schools any longer, but my brother and I, both no longer spring chickens have discussed how when we were in school science taught the FACT humans breath in oxygen and breath out Corbon Dioxide which plants then take in for their use, and expel oxygen in it’s place.

Seems Mother Nature and the Creator God are much more wise than the “elites”.
Keep the “elites” out of Mother Nature’s affairs and the world is a much better place.

That is all you really need to know to understand the “elites” are so full of shit if any one of them were to ever be given an enema, there would be nothing left but a large pool of brown goo on the floor with a couple of eye balls rolling around in the goo.

Now as we know the top 1% (the elites} of two legged animals, I hesitate to call them humans, produce about as much “pollution” as the bottom 5 BILLION by wealth humans, it would seem to the Ole Dog! the solution to reducing “pollution” on this rock is simple.

Pass a law the top 1% must eat their pistols.

After having to listen to their self righteous bull shit for generations, endure Communistic rules forced on humanity by these top polluters for generations, once the common folks pass a rule the top 1% has to eat their pistol for the good of the majority, if the rich f##ks refuse to do so, perhaps the majority will need to “assist” them in this much needed act to “save” humanity and Nature.

The Ole Dog!



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