The KGB "Fake News" Narrative and the Hypocrisy of the Alt-Right and Libertarian Media

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Putin’s KGB are trying to demoralize Americans and destabilize the US with the old KGB tactic of turning the people against their own government and media. The KGB wants to make it impossible for Americans to make rational choices about our future and render us unable to understand that Russia is our mortal enemy and is trying to destroy our society.

The KGB controls the Alt-Right and the libertarians and engineers the words their mouthpieces parrot in a cacophonous chorus relentlessly bashing America and the West. They concurrently refuse to apply the same standards to Russia, Red China, North Korea, Iran or Putin. Their hypocrisy and double standards are obvious to any rational person willing to examine them. But the demoralized masses who occupy their audience are becomming increasingly incapable of rational and critical independent thought. They have turned into zombie-like cult members whose sole purpose is to rally around their “god emperor” Putin.

Both Trump, Sr. and Trump, Jr. have now confessed that there was contact between the Trump campaign with the Russians to gain dirt on Hillary Clinton. President Trump has now acknowledged that the Russians did hack during the election to benefit Trump. They have acknowledged that these things are true, but the Putin Suicide Cultists cannot register, let alone acknowledge, these proven facts admitted by all relevant parties. The KGB has successfully demoralized them to the point where facts and logic cannot be processed in their brainwashed brains.

Fox News falsely reported that Comey had leaked classified information. They retracted the story. Did President Trump, or Putin’s Suicide Cult, accuse them of providing “fake news”? Trump retweeted the story.

Comey did leak information. That is bad. The Fox News false embellishment does not change that proven and admitted fact. A rational person can analyze the facts from that perspective. But the Putin cultists can not apply this standard to the lies the Putin trolls constantly spoon feed them.

Brandon Martinez has sent me these links to sources which address Russian lies and “fake news”:

You can find Brandon’s writings here:

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