The Martyrdom of Julius Streicher

  • Streicher died on the gallows at Nuremberg solely for publishing a paper critical of the Jews.

  • Streicher was not part of the German government during the war.

  • Streicher had no role in the German war effort or in the concentration camps.

Julius Streicher — martyred Crusader For Truth:

Julius Streicher is the most famous writer and authority on the Jewish problem in all of history. He has been greatly maligned by the forces of organized Jewry. Of the eleven German martyrs who went to their deaths on the gallows at Nuremberg on October 16, 1946, Streicher alone died solely for his speeches and writings.

JuliusStreicherJewsDevilMemeStreicher had absolutely nothing to do with the German planning or conduct of World War II. In fact, during the war, he was not even in the government. He was lynched at Nuremberg for absolutely no other reason than because he was highly effective in exposing the many hidden facts about Jews. His world famous weekly newspaper, Der Sturmer, frankly discussed the Jewish Problem, including their founding of Communism, conspiring against Christianity, and using their great financial resources to subvert governments and the formation of monopolies to wipe out Christian owned small businesses. Streicher especially exposed the Jewish proclivity for unfairly gaining financial advantages over Gentiles.

A Lifelong Battle For Truth:


Julius Streicher was born on February 12, 1885 near the Bavarian town of Augsburg. He was the ninth child of the village schoolmaster. He worshiped his mother, who he later called, “the fortress of my childhood.”

His first remembrance of Jews began at age five, when his mother cried after she had ordered fabric from a Jewish shop which turned out to be of inferior quality. She told him, “this is just like a Jew.” Streicher, whose family was devoutly Catholic, would later say that the village priest once told the congregation that the Jews had fought Christ bitterly, finally crucifying him. Streicher added: “that was my first inkling that the nature of the Jews was peculiar.”

At the age of 13, he entered a training institute to become a teacher. After a five- year course, Streicher began a teaching career in January, 1904. By 1912, he joined the Democratic Party and addressed their meetings in Nuremberg. He was a gifted orator and quickly became very popular, receiving war applause wherever he spoke.

However, there was one group which did not approve of his nationalist views. A bank employee warned Streicher to avoid offending the Jews, with these words:

“Streicher, let me give you some advice. I work in a Jewish bank. I have learned to be silent at times when my German heart gladly would have spoke. The Jews are few in number but great in the economic and political power they have achieved, and their power is dangerous. You, my dear Streicher, are still young and cocky, and don’t mince words. But never forget what I am telling you: the Jews have great power, and that power is dangerous, very dangerous.”

World War One Hero:

In 1913, Streicher married Kunigunde Roth. Lothar, their first son, was born in 1915. He would later write for Der Sturmer. A second son, Elmar followed in 1918.

World War One broke out in 1914 and Streicher enlisted in the infantry. He saw heavy front-line fighting in France. Streicher sought out dangerous missions and carried a crucial message though heavy enemy fire which prevented an encirclement. For this, he became the first man in his company to win the Iron Cross. He then was selected as a member of the elite Mountain Machine Gun Detachment and was later accepted as an officer candidate. This was unusual because at the time, only men from aristocratic families were allowed to become officers. As a First Lieutenant, he fought bravely on the Romanian and Italian fronts.

At the time of the Armistice in November, 1918, Streicher was back serving again on the French front, winning the coveted Iron Cross First Class. This is described as a medal of merit for “genuine distinction to an excellent combat leader who demonstrates courage and consistency under fire.”

Streicher Discovers The Cause Of Germany’s Humiliation:


Allied soldiers occupied Nuremberg in 1918 and continued the “starvation blockade” of Germany to compel acceptance of the Versailles Treaty. This “Treaty of Shame” decreed that the German Army be composed of no more than 100,000 men, that her fleet be scuttled, billions paid in war reparations and most humiliatingly (and falsely), agree that Germany was the sole cause of the War.

The catastrophic inflation of the Weimar Republic began at this time. The savings of every German were wiped out. Jews were then able to buy up newspapers, industries, thousands of city blocks of apartments and thousands of small businesses for a fraction of their value. Civil war raged in the streets of German cities, incited by the same Jewish Bolsheviks whose coreligioists were pillaging Russia.

Streicher was fortunate to have his old teaching position, as millions were thrown into unemployment.

At this time, Streicher was given his first copy of The Protocols of The Learned Elders of Zion. The Protocols were brought to Germany from Russia, then in revolutionary turmoil, by a young college student, Alred Rosenberg. He was destined to join Streicher on the martyr’s scaffold at Nuremberg.


The Protocols were (are) the secret minutes of the First Zionist Congress in Basel, Switzerland in 1897. This congress was presided over by Jewish leader Theodore Herzl, credited with founding the Zionist movement. The Protocols detail a plan for Jewish domination over Gentiles by controlling money and using it to subvert Christian governments. Corrupt, Clinton-like politicians are hired to rule over Gentiles by the Jews. The ultimate goal of such scheming is the establishment of a Jewish-controlled Marxist state. Some say that the Protocols are the blueprint for today’s New World Order.


above – A typical poster advertising a Streicher meeting
Streicher began speaking on these new revelations about Jewish political activity. He addressed many thousands of people at hundreds of rallies stressing the fact that the Jews are a separate race who are not Germans at all but constitute an alien and dangerous “State within the State.”

Crusading Newspaper Launched:


Deutscher Volkswille was a newspaper launched by Streicher in 1921. It became the voice of the German Working Community organization, of which Streicher was a principal leader. In an article criticizing some of the wealthiest Jewish businessmen in Germany, Streicher wrote:

“Do you really think the Rothschilds, Mendelsohns, Bleichroders, Warburgs, and Cohns worry about your poverty? As long as these blood brothers are our leaders, and as long as your party officials are Jewish lackeys, you will be no threat to the big money men. As long as you yourself do not lead the way, and as long as the black shadow of foreign blood is behind you, you will be betrayed and deceived. The black shadow cares for itself, not for you.”

Streicher often quoted what Jewish leaders themselves had written as proof of a Jewish conspiracy to dominate Gentiles. England’s only Jewish Prime Minister was Benjamin Disraeli (1804-1881), who in his book, Lord George Bentick, wrote on page 357:

“An insurrection takes place against tradition and aristocracy, against religion and property…by the secret societies which form Provisional Governments, and men of the Jewish race are found at the head of every one of them. The people of God (Jews) cooperate with atheists; most skillful accumulators of property ally themselves with Communists; the peculiar and chosen race touch the hand of all the scum and low casts of Europe; and all this because they wish to destroy that ungrateful Christendom.”

The Nuremberg Trials – Jewish Vengeance On Patriots Who Fought To Free Europe From Their Domination


Fought Against Mongrelization of White Race:

In 1923, Streicher condemned interracial breeding in an article he wrote blasting the vindictive French practice of stationing Negro occupation troops in the Rhineland:

“When a Negro soldier on the Rhine misuses a German girl, she is lost to the race.”
Further, he condemned interracial breeding because  “a racially pure people, conscious of its blood, can never be enslaved by the Jews. It (Jewry) will only be the master of the mixed races.”
Streicher said that people were very careful about the breeding of their thoroughbred horses, cattle and dogs and should likewise insure that their offspring mate with superior stock. He held that there is a Jewish conspiracy to poison the blood of the superior races with inferior stock. This is also why the Jews favor abortion because it reduces the White population. (Bear in mind that he said this in the 1930s).

Revolt Fails – But Streicher Elected To Parliament:


With Streicher having some 2,000 members in Nuremberg, Hitler sought a merger with him to expand his base in Munich. Streicher held at least one mass meeting per week, while publishing a newspaper and still teaching school.

Streicher was a key player in Hitler’s abortive attempt to seize power from the corrupt Bavarian government during the Munich Putsch of November 9, 1923. Streicher was made “Director of Propaganda” and drove around Munich, speaking to street corner crowds, announcing the revolution. Streicher marched with Hitler, Himmler and General Erich Ludendorff through Munich to the Feldherrnhalle monument, when police opened fire. Sixteen marchers were killed, dozens, including Hermann Goering, were seriously wounded and the rest scattered. The “Beer Hall Putsch” had been quashed.

After a sensational trial, where even the judges praised the defendants for their patriotism, Hitler was imprisoned at Landsberg for 14 months. Streicher was luckier, receiving one month in jail. Streicher lost his teaching job but due to his good record, was granted a pension at the age of 39.

Streicher then joined the Deutscher Arbeiter Partei (DAP) and was promptly elected to parliament on April 6, 1924. While average DAP speakers drew crowds of a few hundred, Streicher averaged 2,000 – all of whom paid for the privilege of hearing him. In the fall of 1924, he ran for the Nuremberg City Council and won. He held two elected positions simultaneously.

Streicher Launches Der Sturmer:

On April 14, 1923, Streicher launched his most famous effort, the weekly newspaper, Der Sturmer (The Storm). The sub-head of the paper read: “A German Weekly in The Struggle For Truth.”

Der Sturmer – In English!:

Der SturmerJulius Streicher’s Jewish Ritual Murder issue of Der Sturmer has been translated into English and republished in full. It is available from us. (Truth at Last, P.O. Box 1211, Marietta, GA 30061. 1 copy for $6, 3 copies for $12, ) Streicher began an incessant, running battle with the Establishment, extending through the Third Reich era. Editions of his paper were banned or seized thirty times between 1923 and 1933 and in one eleven-day period, he was hit with five lawsuits. He served a total of eight months in prison for defying court orders to cease distribution of banned issues of Der Sturmer.

In 1927 circulation was only 14,00 copies. By 1933 it rose to 25,000 in 1934, 113,800 and jumped to two million by 1940. By then, some 300 people worked for Der Sturmer including one Jew named Jonas Wolk. The Goring report noted that Wolk was paid a “good salary” and wrote some of the paper’s most anti-Jewish articles. It was now a publication of international prominence and one most feared by the Jews. By 1941 Der Sturmer had opened branch offices in Vienna, Prague and Strasbourg and in Denmark an edition was launched.

When free, Streicher managed to give an average of one speech per week. He was named a National Speaker for the NSDAP and was one of their most requested orators. His meetings were spectacular affairs which included bands, marching men, colorful decorations and when he strode to the podium, a standing ovation erupted much like a modern rock concert. Streicher’s oratory was lively, entertaining and forceful.

Streicher would give an annual Christmas party for the various miscreants imprisoned at Dachau. At one dinner, he offered freedom and a one-way railway ticket to Russia to any Communist detainee wanting to move to the “worker’s paradise.” None volunteered.

In 1923, Streicher was elected to the Reichstag but his days of influence in the NSDAP were over.

The Teachings of Julius Streicher


Jews concentrate in certain occupations such as doctors, lawyers, money-lenders, merchants, entertainers, etc. Thus they gain a disproportionate share of the wealth. They control the large monopoly department stores thus putting the independent Gentiles out of business.
Jews pay low wages often forcing poor workers into crime and some women into part-time prostitution. Jews are not true creators of wealth. They avoid physical labor and are rarely farmers, masons, factory workers, etc. Their religion teaches that it is shameful.
Jews hate Jesus Christ but have turned His birthday int a source of great profits. As Rabbi Jacob Wise said: “It is better to have Christmas than smallpox. Besides, if the crucified one had a brother born in the summertime it would have given us two such profitable holidays.”
Jews exploit sex for financial gain through their control of the theater and publications.
Jews are parasites who secretly gain wealth by exploiting the unwary host people.
Jews gain power by first pleading for “tolerance and brotherhood.” They coddle political leaders of a nation by making themselves useful – ingratiating themselves until they become the power behind the throne. Jews give to charities in order to gain respectability.
Even if a Jew undergoes Christian Baptism he remains a Jew because they are a race.
Jews concentrate themselves in the large cities where they promote socialism and decadence.

Julius Streicher’s favorite saying:

“He who knows the truth  and does not speak it  is a miserable coward.”

National Socialist Leaders Persecute Streicher:

The National Socialist government’s treatment of Streicher is further refutation of the charge that Germany’s leaders attempted a “holocaust” of Jews. Goring, Himmler, Hess and others sought to have Der Sturmer banned as being “too anti-Semitic and an embarrassment.”
Despite the efforts of these ingrates, Hitler usually sided with his old party comrade Streicher. He once defended Streicher saying, “If I let Streicher fall and banned the Sturmer, world Jewry would howl with glee. I will not give them the pleasure.” Hitler insisted upon receiving a copy of every issue of Der Sturmer as soon as it was printed.

Streicher’s paper was now reaching millions of people weekly. His enemies now included Nuremberg Mayor Willi Liebel and police chief Benno Martin. In 1939, they charged that Streicher had said that Goring was impotent and could not have fathered his daughter. They accused him of illegally taking shares in a business and the wrongful disposition of Jewish property. All chargers were later proven false. Nevertheless, Goring named a top-secret commission to investigate Streicher and decreed him “guilty.” They then demanded that Hitler ban Der Sturmer. It should be recalled that Goring was never anti-Jewish and when some wanted half-Jewish, Laftwaffe General Milch removed, Goring declared, “I will decide who is and who is not a Jew.”

It must be noted that your editor sent this newspaper to Mrs. Rudolf Hess in Germany in 1964 and received a reply stating: “Take my name off your list, my husband was never anti-Jewish and did all that he could to close down Der Sturmer.”

Even Himmler wanted Der Sturmer put out of business. With all of these pro- Jewish elements in the German government, any planned holocaust of Jews would have been impossible. In truth, not a single Jew was ever gassed and to this very day no workable “gas chamber” has ever been located in the camps.

Hitler was forced to act against Streicher. He forbade him from speaking at meetings. Goring pressed for a harsher punishment, stating that to get Hitler to act against Streicher was, “a really tough job.” Streicher appeared before the Goring Commission and defended himself, calling his accusers “liars.” Martin drew his pistol and threatened to shoot Streicher. Later Goring would comment, “he should have done it.”

Goring, Hess and the others demanded that Hitler take firmer action to silence Streicher. Hitler ordered him to “retire” to his country estate outside Nuremberg. He was virtually under house arrest. He was not allowed to go to his office. Other members of the government were forbidden from even visiting Streicher. However, Hitler felt that the work of Der Sturmer was so important that he ordered that a courier be provided between Streicher’s home and office so that he could continue to run the paper, Hitler said:

Adolf Hitler signs autograph for his Nazi Lieutenant, Julius Streicher, Germany’s number one Jew-Baiter. This photo was among Streicher’s treasured mementoes discovered in his estate at Pleikershof, by Lieutenant Daniel …

“This Streicher affair is a tragedy…Streicher is irreplaceable…There’s no question of his coming back but I must do him justice. If one day I write my memoirs, I shall have to recognize that this man fought like a buffalo in our cause…I can’t help thinking that, in comparison with so many services, the reasons for Streicher’s dismissal are really very slender.”

Streicher Arrested And Tortured By Jews, Blacks:

Streicher’s wife died in 1943. Several weeks before the war’s end, he married his life-long secretary Adele. They then fled their home before the advancing U.S. Army. On May 23, 1945, a Jewish U.S. Army Major Plitt recognized Streicher and took him into custody. He was hailed as a hero and flown back to New York City where an official “Major Plaid Day” was declared. Jews celebrated in the streets, cheering the arrest of the man they called, “The World’s No. 1 Jew Baiter.”

Streicher passed a note to his lawyer, Dr. Hans Marx, describing how Jews and Negroes had tortured him in his cell. A photograph backed up his charges, showing him standing naked with black and blue marks and a sign around his neck proclaiming, “Julius Streicher, King of the Jews.”

The note read:

“Two niggers undressed me and tore my shirt in two. I kept only my pants. Being handcuffed, I could not pull them up when they fell down. So now I was naked. Four days! On the fourth day, I was so cold that my body was numb. I couldn’t hear anything. Every 2 – 4 hours (even in the night!) Niggers came along under command of a White man and hammered at me. Cigarette burns on the nipples. Fingers gouged into eye-sockets. Eyebrows and chest hair pulled out. Genitals beaten with an oxwhip. Testicles very swollen. Spat at. “Mouth open” and was spat into. When I refused to open, my jaws were pried apart with a stick and my mouth spat into. Beaten with a whip – swollen, dark-blue whelps all over the body… Photographed naked! Jeered at wearing an old army greatcoat which they hung round me.”

When Her Marx protested the mistreatment of Streicher to the court, the inquisitors erupted with outrage. They immediately ordered that the motion be struck from the trial record as “highly improper.” Streicher twice brought up his being tortured and rather than ask for an investigation, the judges ordered his statements deleted from the record. They held him in contempt of court for even revealing the matter.

Witchcraft Trial At Nuremberg:

A century from now, historians will probably rate the actions of the International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg as one of the most shameful moments in American history, worse even than the 12-year Reconstruction reign of terror in the American South after the Civil War. Basically, the defendants were tried for having lost the war, in an example of “victor’s justice” at its worst.

The Jew Samuel Rosenman was a New York legislator who wrote that state’s socialistic rent control laws. In 1932, he was appointed to the New York Supreme Court by another Jew, Gov. Herbert Lehman. He became one of Franklin Roosevelt’s left-wing “Brain Trusters” and was called “the power behind the throne. After Roosevelt’s death, Harry Truman sent him to the U.N. founding conference in San Francisco on May 5, 1945. His mission was to establish the International Military Tribunal (IMT) to try Germany’s leaders for “war crimes.” Rosenman was an official of the American Jewish Committee.

Julius Streicher was charged with only two of the four counts that most of his co- defendants faced. Even this grotesque tribunal could not charge him with “conspiring to wage aggressive war” or “war crimes,” for he had been out of government in Germany since 1940. The inquisitors settled for charging him with “crimes against humanity,” (Count 4), by “inciting racial hatred” through his writings.

Had Streicher been under the protection of American law, he could not have been prosecuted as his comments could have been defended as freedom of speech.

Trumped Up “War Crimes” Indictment:

Shortly before his death, Roosevelt sent his chief legal advisor, the Jewish Judge Samuel Roseman, to Europe to organize a Soviet-style “war crimes” tribunal. Such a move of “victors trying the vanquished” was unprecedented and illegal. Roseman continued his work under Truman.

This Kangaroo court began its shameful proceedings on November 30, 1945 with an indictment of fall Germany’s leaders with “conspiracy to wage aggressive war, crimes against peace and crimes against humanity.”

None of these accusations fit Streicher. He was out of the government, under house arrest and had nothing whatsoever to do with the war. Thus they concocted the ludicrous charge of “conspiracy to commit genocide” through his anti-Jewish writings. In the eyes of the Jews, the same charge could easily be made against this editor and others in the right-wing patriotic movement.

Holocaust Denied Before Nuremberg Court:


Streicher lawyer Hans Marx told the court that his client had no knowledge of any “holocaust” and indeed, opposed violence against the Jews. Streicher boldly took the stand to deny that any so-called holocaust ever took place. In fact, he was the first to expose this outrageous fraud and repeatedly stated:

“I did not know (of any developing holocaust) and again I would not have believed it. To this day, I do not believe that five million were killed. I consider it technically impossible that could have happened. I do not believe it. I have not received proof of that up until now.”
It should be noted that Streicher was considered a respectful and sincere witness. Wartime psychologist Douglas Kelly, who examined Streicher, said that he was convinced that Streicher firmly believed in the truth of his views on the Jews.

Soviet Show Trial Begins – Soviet-Style Kangaroo Court:

Ohio Republican Senator Robert Taft objected to the judicial mockery of the Nuremberg war crimes trial with these prophetic words: “It is a miscarriage of justice the American people will long regret.” Senator Taft knew that the precedents set at Nuremberg would be used against American servicemen in a future conflict with the Communists. Americans faced “war crimes trials” by communist “people’s courts” in both Korea and Vietnam. How many were executed remains a secret from the American people.

Julius Streicher was charged with Count One of the indictment, “conspiring to wage aggressive war.” Since Streicher was under house arrest during the war, this easily disproven charge was dropped. This left him facing Count Four, “crimes against humanity by stirring up hatred against the Jews.”


To this day, Jews in America are trying to create such a crime here through passage of “anti-hate laws.” This is a brazen attack upon the constitutionally- guaranteed First Amendment right of Freedom of Speech. Therefore, Streicher could never have been accused of any crime under U.S. law.

Experts Questioned Validity of Streicher Case: Telford Taylor, a member of the U.S. prosecution staff at the trials, published his The anatomy of The Nuremberg Trials in 1992. In this 700-page book, he writes that many among the prosecution staff questioned the legality of trying Streicher because he was

“a publisher of a privately owned newspaper not connected with the government. Streicher had nothing to do with military decisions and had been a political nonentity since 1940. He had been an important force in sowing the seeds of anti-Semitism but was that an international crime?”

British prosecutor Sir. Hartley Shawcross is quoted by Taylor as stating: “I and many others thought Streicher’s case was the most debatable.” Taylor further stated that the Streicher case presented the court with their most serious problem because “there was no accusation that Streicher himself had participated in any violence against Jews.” During Streicher’s two-day cross- examination, he was questioned only about articles and cartoons from Der Sturmer!

My Mission In Life: Repeatedly, Streicher stated that “My life’s mission is to unmask the Jews.” He told the court,

“The Jews are a race and not a religion. My goal was not to persecute the Jews but to enlighten Gentiles to put them on guard.”

The May, 1934 issue of Der Sturmer was entered into evidence as the “worst act of anti-Semitism” committed by Streicher. This entire issue was a feature of the centuries-old accusation that secret sects of extremist orthodox Jews would crucify a Christian child during Passover, using the blood in a ritual ceremony. This accusation is known among Jews as “Blood Libel.”  Considering the number of weird and murderous cults afflicting the United States since World War II, Streicher’s charges have great credibility.

Not Allowed To Answer Inquisitors:


Streicher thoroughly researched this subject, citing many sources with footnotes. His defense attorney asked him to reply to the prosecution’s charge that he had no documentary proof that such crimes were once practiced by certain Jews. Streicher answered:

“The sources were given in that issue. There was reference made to a book written in Greek by a former Rabbi who had been converted to Christianity. There was reference to a publication of a high clergyman of Milan. Not even did Jews raise objections to that book.

Ritual murder is referred to in court files which are located in Rome. There are pictures in it which show that in 23 cases, the Church itself has dealt with the question. The Church (Catholic) has canonized 23 non-Jews killed by ritual murder.

Pictures of sculptures, that is, of stone monuments were shown as illustrations. Everywhere (in Der Sturmer) the source was pointed out…But in this connection I should like to say, we never wanted to assert that all Jewry was ready now to commit ritual murders. But it is a fact that within Jewry there exists a sect which engaged in these murders. I have asked my council to submit to the Court a file from Pisek in Czechoslovakia, very recent proceedings. A court of appeal has confirmed a case of ritual murder. Thus, in conclusion I must say…”

At this point Streicher’s testimony is cut off by Judge Jackson, who stated,
“I object to this statement…He ought to be returned to his cell and any further statements that he wishes to make transmitted through his counsel to this court; he should be held in contempt of court.”

Taylor states:

“Der Sturmer was not a government agency, it was a private newspaper, owned and edited by Julius Streicher. The charges were brought against a private newspaper owner and journalist, punish him for publishing statements which he believed to be true.”

The publicity-seeking “court” was composed of four “judges” and four alternates. (Two each, from the U.S., England, France and the Soviet Union). Taylor writes that only one was qualified to judge such a case. Two of the eight judges were Jews, Robert Falco of France, and Lt. Col. A.F. Volchkov, (real name Berkman), of the Soviet Union. The General Prosecutor for the “High Court” was the Jew, Dr. Jakob Meistner.

Defendants Denied Soviet Hoax:

Every time the alleged extermination of Jews (they had not “coined” the term “holocaust” yet) was brought up, Streicher stated that he did not believe it. He added that it was technically impossible for such mass killings to have ever occurred, a fact proven decades later by scientists and scholars. Goring also testified that there was never any organized extermination program for the Jews. Today, informed people know that the “holocaust” is a propaganda hoax fabricated by Soviet NKVD head Lavrenti P. Beria through the “Jewish anti-Fascist Committee,” headquartered in his office.

Streicher’s Fate A Foregone Conclusion:

After eight months, the trial ended on August 31, 1946. During the judges’ deliberations, there were long debates on some of defendant’s cases but not Streicher’s. Despite a memo by legal advisor U.S. Maj. Robert Stewart that the Streicher case should be given “careful consideration,” he was found guilty and sentenced to hang without any dissent.

Telford Taylor admitted: “The tribunal’s hasty, callous and unthinking treatment of the Streicher case was not an episode to be proud of.” he added that the prosecution neither offered nor submitted any evidence to support their charges against Streicher and “I was left in a quandary about the legal basis of the charges against him.”

Fighter To The End:

a dead Julius Streicher – the fucking jews got their way

On September 30, Julius Streicher was informed in court that he had been sentenced to hang. He angrily stomped out of the room. Taylor wrote in his book: “I could hardly blame him for this show of temper, for I thought the Tribunals opinion had been superficial.” We would call it cold-blooded ritual murder!

Despite their client’s refusal to appeal their convictions, lawyers for Streicher, Goring and Frank did so anyway. Dr. Marx argued that the evidence “never connected Streicher to aggressive war.” Streicher spent his remaining days writing his Last Political Testament on the Jews. We hope to have it translated into English for your study very soon.

The victims held wrenching last meetings with relatives. They were not informed of the exact date of their hanging. The Jew S.N. Binder was put in charge of the condemned men in the period between sentence and execution. He cruelly banned most privileges. Only one-half hour a day was allowed for “exercise” in which they wee manacled.

Hermann Goring denied his enemies the pleasure of watching him die by biting into a carefully-hidden vial of cyanide on the eve of the hangings. How it was obtained has never been is covered.

Hangings Deliberately Bungled:


Sgt. John C. Woods, the U.S. Army’s official executioner, was given the “honor” of hanging the eleven martyrs. He had been the Army’s chief executioner for 15 years and was reputedly the expert in his grisly profession.

In the prison’s gymnasium, three gallows were erected because the deaths were intended to be slow and torturous, perhaps in keeping with the Talmud-mandated fate of all real and imagined enemies of the Jews.

Stag Magazine, (Vol. 3, No. 1, December 1946), reported that Woods was a Jew. He used a short rope that prevented instantaneous death from a broken neck, instead insuring a slow death by strangulation. He built the trap door too small so that their facial features would be mutilated during the fall. Woods would later boast to the U.S. Army’s Stars and Stripes newspaper that he enjoyed the task, saying that, “hanging those Nazis was the best thing I ever did.”

Purim Feast, October 16, 1946:


Early that morning, the condemned were told to change into their court suits for execution. Streicher refused and guards forcibly dressed him. On the upper floors, Hess heard the commotion and shouted, “Bravo, Streicher!”

Foreign Minister Joachim von Ribbentrop was brought out first with hands bound behind him to make his drop more cumbersome. At 1:14 a.m., Woods pulled the lever and Ribbentrop dropped and 18 minutes passed before the doctors finally pronounced him dead.

Field Marshal Wilhelm Keitel went to the second gallows as Ribbentrop was still strangling on the first. It took the brave Keitel 24 minutes to die.

SS General Ernst Kaltenbrunner was directed to the third gallows, as the two previous victims were still strangling. It took 13 minutes for his excruciating death.

Minister Afred Rosenberg followed, taking 10 minutes to die. Hans Frank was next, dying after 10.5 torturous minutes. Wilhelm Frick strangled at the end of the rope for 12 minutes.

A Final Warning To The Gentiles:

Striecher at that time of his capture

Streicher is said to have entered the room in “blazing defiance.” When asked his name, he refused to answer. While climbing the stairs, he was the only martyr to shout “Heil Hitler!”

Upon reaching the platform, he spat in Woods face and said, “The Bolsheviks will hang you one day.” He was the only one not given time for a final statement – they wanted to begin the slow strangulation of Streicher as quickly as possible. He shouted “Purim festival, 1946!” a reference to the Jewish celebration of their slaughter of 70,000 Gentiles in the Book of Esther. As Woods pulled the hood over his head, Streicher’s last earthly words were “I am now by God my father! Adele, my dear wife.” Streicher died after a long 14 minute strangulation.

Fritz Sauchel followed, protesting “I die innocently. The verdict was wrong, God protect Germany and make Germany great again. Let Germany live and God protect my family.” it took him 14 minutes to strangle. General Alfred Jodl, whose fate disturbed American Army offices, said simply, “I salute you my Germany.” It took him 16 long minutes to die.


Arthur von Seyss-Inquart was the last to hang at 2:57 a.m., after two long hours of listening to the horror of the slow deaths which began with the hanging of Ribbentrop.

No medical certificate of death was ever issued by a doctor, which in a properly- conducted hanging would list the cause of death as a broken neck.

The vindictiveness of the Allied “victors” was evident even after the men’s deaths. Groesome photos were made and widely published of the eleven dead men. They did not even allow the families to claim the bodies of their loved ones. They were cremated and their ashes emptied in the river Isar.


Honor The Memory of
Julius Streicher…a true CHRISTIAN warrior who fought the jewJuliusStreicherTrueChristianityMeme 


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    What a travesty.These were heroic and noble men who had served the reich dutifully and committed no verifiable criminal acts.This wasn’t justice,this was murder motivated by jewish hate and vengeance.The whole outcome of germany was tragic.The country was bombed to ruins,its citizens murdered,its entire leadership murdered,its intellectual property plundered,its illustrious culture and history erased,and the spirit of its people crushed forever.

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