The Mission of Vermin


“The Jews spread corruption and moral decadence, because they are tools to place the Jews in a position of unprecedented power. The Jew wants a dull, mixed and subservient human race so he can enslave it undisturbed. They seek to violate the roots of everything that makes up the self-sovereignty and dignity of man and which can lift it to purer heights: in other words to eliminate the divine spark in man. Under Jewish tyranny mankind would degenerate into a mindless herd of slaves whom pay; in their compulsory labour, for the decadent feasts of the Jewish tyrants. The mighty Soviet Jews have already provided the evidence about just how deadly serious they are about the destruction and enslavement of the goyim.

“The Jew has a mission in the world: the mission of vermin in nature. It increases where there is dirt and laziness and drives us; by his animal tortures, into activity and cleanliness.

“We must clean the world around us and there his place no more for the Jews among us!

“With the elimination of Judaism many of the evils from which the civilised nations of the world suffers from would simply disappear.

“The cleansing has to begin with the raising of our spirits. The Jews spread evil, confusion, greed and stupidity around us. The stupefied are all caught in their net and they; brutalized by the Jews, become a helpers. Let the people see; especially the poor workers and day labourers who the Jews have blinded, that a bridge can be built by which these evils can be remedied.

“We have an inexhaustible arsenal of powerful spiritual weapons against the insidious enemy of mankind.

“The great minds from across the ages are on our side. That this is withheld from the people is one of the most villainous tricks of Jewish propagandists.

“Hurry to spread the truth, while the power of the great deceiver is still growing and before; as previously planned, all anti-jewish literature is suppressed and anti-jewish criticism is held to be a crime against humanity!”

Theodor Fritsch (1924)

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