The Reason why FAKE king But REAL Pedo No Chin Charlie Should Not Invite Big Pie Hole Harry to the Coronation

Big Pie Hole Harry & his Sperm Donner daddy

The reason the Pedo FAKE king No Chin Charlie should not invite the bastard Big Pie Hole Harry to No Chin’s coronation is the little big mouthed bastard is not No Chin’s biological son.

No Chin was too busy with little kids hanging with his bestist buttie Jimmy I Rape Children & Dead people Savile who supplied the Fake “royals” and other perverted British “elites” with children to rape to keep Lady Di sexually satisfied so she had a fling with a British army officer and got knocked up with Big Pie Hole Harry.

It is no big thing not being a real royal for Big Pie Hole Harry cause his step daddy No Chin is not a real royal either.

There has not been a real bloodline legitimate king of queen of England since 1440 AD when the non royal bastard Edward the 4th became FAKE king.
His mother was a slut who was banging commoners like a bunny rabbit every time her ROYAL Prince husband was around the corner.

The bastard Edward the 4th’s brother Richard the 3ed was a FAKE king and a non royal bastard also.

So Big pie hole harry being a non royal bastard is not without tradition in the Fake royals as No Chin is not a royal either, but the fact remains Big Pie Hole Harry is not No Chin Charlie’s biological son.

Know why FAKE British “royals” and “elites” wear skirts?
Because sheep and children can hear zippers!

I count at least 5 Pedos in this photo of the FAKE queenie’s Pedolee

So there!

Necked child trying to climb down tied together bed of child rape sheets to escape from Buckingham Palace

The Ole Dog!


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