The Secret History of Pakistan

The Snake lives in the house built by ants.

-Telugu saying

Given the current state of Pakistan’s political and economic freefall following the ousting of populist Prime Minister Imran Khan, this is an essential rundown on the main crypto-Phoenician cabals operating in Pakistan. Since these groups are largely hidden from history, most people cannot connect their operatives (read: self-styled and self-appointed political leaders) to their respective cabals.

Of course, there are many other non-Phoenician cabals, business groups and baddies in Pakistan as well. But they normally do not command the clout of the crypto-Phoenician cabals, and you will usually find them allying with one or the other crypto-Phoenician cabal. And again, on a macro level, it’s the crypto-Phoenician cabals that have been running Pakistan since its inception, with the aid of Western Intelligence Agencies. In fact, they were planted by the British as a ruling class long before 1947. Non-Phoenician individuals and groups usually end up in a wrestling match with the overlords, if they are not cooperative. And if they are cooperative, they become a subset of the crypto-Phoenician cabals.

But as we shall see, despite crypto-Phoenician cabals hogging most of Pakistan’s political history on the macro level, there has always been push-back, usually from lone warriors among the Pakistani people. Were it not for that, the crypto-Phoenicians would have long turned Pakistan into another North Korea. In short, Pakistan still remains contested.

The lone warriors in the question can be found among the ulema, the politicians, the judiciary, the media, the Army and even the Intelligence (ISI). Though in later times, effort has been put into keeping out such independent-minded people from the Army and the Intelligence. Pakistanis tend to fail in knowing their enemies, when they are disguised as co-religionists and locals. As we shall see, the crypto-Phoenicians are neither co-religionists nor locals.  

Pakistanis tend to fail in knowing their enemies, when they are disguised as co-religionists and locals. As we shall see, the crypto-Phoenicians are neither co-religionists nor locals.  

In other words, Pakistan is administered as a colony. And the colonists are not a foreign power, but powerful groups of non-Muslim cryptos who pretend to be Muslim commoners and civilian leaders. On closer examination, it is found that they live in exclusive areas and gated communities, possess extraordinary wealth and have exclusive career paths. They represent less than 1% of the total population. They were positioned in power by the departing British, but they still have the option to call in support from Western Intelligence Agencies and Western nations.

Whenever you encounter quotes like this one in the reading, you are reading an actual declassified US Government Document. It could be Embassy correspondence, CIA bulletins, or State Department memos. But remember that declassified US Documents are fairly old, because they only get declassified after at least three decades. Since American plebs are told that their monstrous international espionage machine is maintained at taxpayer expense only to serve them (and not the Phoenicians), American citizens are allowed to submit FOIA requests to get a peek at their obsolete correspondences. However, submitting an FOIA request and getting the documents is an arduous, time taking and expensive process. American authorities The Phoenicians are free to deny access to any document they choose. Even if they release a document, they get to black out any piece of information that could reveal too much. And most important, the Phoenicians are careful not to even leave a formal paper trail. Unless you have sufficient contextual information, it is difficult to piece together what’s going on. Sometimes, selective information is declassified or leaked (as in the case of some Wikileaks data-dumps) so as to push a certain point of view, and in that case, it becomes yet another fountainhead of propaganda. And again, there are many countries where there is no concept of declassifying information. Take the case of Russia or China.

Clicking the link on a declassified US Government Document will take you to the actual document. These were originally obtained by American Human Rights Lawyer Paul Wolfe, but his website has gone dark. When I came across them, I knew I had stumbled upon a treasure trove, and luckily made a backup.

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