These Weird Snow Globes Deserve to Star in a Cursed Hallmark Movie

We have been the bearers of many gifts in our lifetime, from cOupoN bOoks fOr hUgs (sorry, Mom) to presents that actually slap (heaux love Hokas). But in all our years of gifting, we’ve yet to behold a brand like Demented Penguins Snow Globes, which specializes in giving the people weird, festive snow globes filled with hellish scenes that would make even Hieronmyous Bosch pee his creepy little bloomers. 

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Photo Courtesy of Demented Penguins

The weird snow globes are all 15% off for the holidays, and each one paints a uniquely sardonic scene of animals taking revenge on their human overlords. One globe gives us little lambs feasting on a human leg to spite Mary; another orb, aptly titled “Bambi’s Revenge,” would simply make the perfect gift for vegans.  

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Photo Courtesy of Demented Snowglobes

Demented Penguins says inspiration for the brand was easy. “We had been discussing snow globes [and] the sickly sweet scenes inside them […] But what about the grittier side of life?” the founders ask. Thirsty for more freakish holiday vibes, the New York-based brand began whipping up globes with the kind of humor that our 2007 rawr XD-core selves would have loved; you can’t tell me Happy Bunny isn’t in league with this snow globe of a pigs carrying a person on a spit, or that our Weird Al-esque uncle wouldn’t lose his shit over a snow globe of a cow killing a butcher. The brand even went as far as posting a review from its landlord that reads, “In a league of their own. So original and dark and memorable. Perfect for the times,” and another from a less-enthused woman named Karen C., “How dare you! I hope you all go to HELL!” It’s all very Elmo-burning-in-the-inferno-meme-core, and we’re down with it.  

Maybe you need a white elephant gift, or perhaps you're searching for a present for your quiet cousin with the troubling Reddit account. Whatever the reason, Demented Penguins is here to add a little bit of spice to your holiday season.  

Happy holidays, and don’t forget to tip your landlord. 

Shop the Demented Penguins snowglobe sale here.

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