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THEY KNEWFOIA Emails Sent To Daily Clout Team Reveal WH/CDC/NIH KNEW Covid Shots Were Causing Deadly Blood Clots And Myocarditis In MAY 2021; Senior WH Team Colluded To LIE To The American People; Naomi Wolf: “It’s So Huge. I Hope You’re All Sitting Down.”

The federal public health agencies knew. The White House team knew. In 2021.

Celia writes that

is the only Presidential candidate who really knows the score. I believe she’s right. With his background, he can expose the whole scope of the destruction.

Since 1988, I’ve been writing about the vaccine death trap. Useless shots, destructive shots. All of them.

The historical decline in mortality, from childhood diseases, was the result of improved basic sanitation and nutrition. Not vaccines.

The medical cartel’s biggest self-awarded and self-promoted trophy is vaccination. As that trophy is taken off the shelf and thrown in the garbage, the cartel falls.

A recent US Gallup poll revealed that the industry the American people trust least is Pharma.

The work we are doing is not in vain.

In the 1990s, after I ran for a US Congressional seat in Los Angeles, I started The Great Boycott, which was basically an educational effort. I picked a handful of giant chemical companies and highlighted their crimes. Each one of those companies (Dow, DuPont, Bayer, etc.) was a chemical, pharmaceutical, and GMO corporation. I said then, and reassert now, these companies are waging war by other means. Against the whole population of Earth.

Vaccines are a vital weapon in that war.

The very IDEA of vaccines is absurd. Heathy people wouldn’t need them. Sick people, whose body defenses are low, would never benefit from them and, in fact, would be severely injured by them. Or killed. And as we’ve seen, healthy people can be destroyed, suddenly, by a shot, the COVID shot. That’s not the only injection that brings a healthy person down. The rates of neurological damage in children have been skyrocketing, owing to vaccines.

Read Celia’s article and spread the news.

— Jon Rappoport



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