Tokyo Electric Power Co. admits covering up severity of the Fukushima meltdown

(NaturalNews) With millions of lives on the line and entire oceans and ecosystems at risk, the Japanese government deliberately lied to the world in 2011, conspiring with Japan energy company Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO), to keep the population entirely misled and confused of the whereabouts surrounding the Fukushima nuclear disaster.

A new insider report, including interviews with dozens of TEPCO employees, tells all. At the time of the nuclear meltdown, Japanese government conspired with TEPCO, instructing the company not to use the word “core meltdown” after the tsunami struck in 2011.

Conspiracy fact: TEPCO and Japanese government censored severity of nuclear meltdown, putting millions at risk

This is no longer considered a fringe conspiracy theory. It’s a conspiracy fact that the Japanese government concealed the severity of the nuclear meltdown, downplaying its tragic health consequences. Five years after the Fukushima nuclear disaster, the president of TEPCO himself, Naomi Hirose, admitted that the company hid the fact that their nuclear reactors melted down, ultimately letting off a barrage of radioactive material with unforeseen consequences. TEPCO president, Naomi Hirose, admitted on NHK: “I would say it was a cover-up. It’s extremely regrettable.”

Top-down network of lies causes millions to be exposed to cancer causing radioactive material

This new eye-opening report, headed by Yasuhisa Tanaka, includes testimony from dozens of TEPCO employees who admitted at a hearing that they were instructed to remain silent about the nuclear meltdown. It took two months before TEPCO began leaking the severity of the meltdown, calling it for what it was.

After deliberately lying to the Japanese people (and the rest of the world) the Japanese government (and TEPCO) has exposed thousands of innocent people to cancer causing radioactive material. Thousands of people were exposed thinking that the whole situation was under control, that the government of Japan was keeping them safe. They were oblivious to the top down lies that left them exposed to radioactive materials and therefore future health problems, including cancer cases.

The report finds that Japan’s Democratic Party Prime Minister Naoto Kan wanted to keep the severity of the Fukushima disaster under wraps. The hush-hush orders were carried down from there. Three days after the catastrophe, TEPCO vice president Sakae Muto got a note from government official Shimizu, instructing the company to not use the word “meltdown.” Muto followed along, speaking to panels and press about the crisis, but never referring to the disaster as a “nuclear meltdown.”

The Japan Times reports, “Considering this fact, it is presumable that the Prime Minister’s Office requested Shimizu to be careful about admitting to a meltdown in public.”

In much the same fashion, US EPA lying about America’s water supply

It doesn’t matter which country it is. Governments everywhere now function to protect health-destructive industries, giving the people the false impression that things are better than what they are. When all was said and done, three nuclear reactors melted down during the Fukushima disaster as radioactive material poured out in the sea. Since then, millions of people and wildlife have been poisoned by radioactive materials.

It’s what government are good for: lying to the people about the safety of things like radioactive material, heavy metals, pharmaceuticals, vaccines, and other chemicals that actually destroy the natural science of the human body.

The US EPA puts up the same false front when reporting on the “safety” of municipal water across the United States. Mike Adams’ forensic food lab (recently 17025 accredited) is finding high levels of heavy metals in two to three percent of water samples brought in throughout the country. Thanks to this grassroots effort to reveal scientific truth, people everywhere can adjust their lifestyle to respond to the growing problem of heavy metal contamination of municipal water supplies that ultimately negatively impacts physical and mental health.

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