Trump Campaign Spox Murtaugh: Pennsylvania Presidential Election ‘Unconstitutional’

White House communications director for the Trump campaign Tim Murtaugh on Tuesday sounded off on the 2020 presidential election and the campaign’s lawsuits filed in multiple states over claims of voter fraud.

Murtaugh, on Fox News Channel’s “Outnumbered Overtime,” said the process in parts of Pennsylvania was “unconstitutional.” He argued GOP voters received “disparate treatment.”

“What they did in Pennsylvania was conduct, basically, an unconstitutional election,” Murtaugh outlined. “Depending on where you were in the state and when you voted, you were treated differently. John Roberts was just going over there some words from our lawyer, Matt Morgan from yesterday, and the fact is Democrat voters in Philadelphia were called and said, ‘You better come on in. There might be a problem with the mail-in ballot that you submitted, and they were invited to cast a provisional vote. This is before Election Day. That is not allowed. That is precanvassing a ballot before Election Day. Republican voters were not given that same opportunity. That is disparate treatment.”

He continued, “If you voted in person in Pennsylvania, you were subjected to rigorous security standards: checking voter id … signature matching. If you mailed in a ballot, which 2.65 million Pennsylvanians did, there were no such safeguards. You cannot have an election and treat different voters differently within the state. That is a violation of the equal protection clause of the U.S. Constitution and it’s a very serious offense. And absolutely, we believe they are going to prevail on that suit, otherwise we wouldn’t have filed it.”

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  1. GLR says:

    Isn’t this something you would expect in a totalitarian country where the press is controlled? Wonder who controls our media here? One guess!

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