U.S. military ready to help in hurricane response

August 27, 2011

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said on Friday the military stood ready to aid the U.S. response to Hurricane Irene, with some 101,000 National Guard forces available if needed to governors of East Coast states.

Some 55 million Americans on the eastern seaboard are bracing for the broad, menacing hurricane that President Barack Obama called “extremely dangerous.”

The Pentagon said it had pre-positioned 225 trucks loaded with equipment, food, water and generators at Fort Bragg in North Carolina. Eighteen helicopters were deployed to the northeastern United States to provide life-saving support, if needed.

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60 Responses to “U.S. military ready to help in hurricane response”

  1. All FEMA units Irene. I say again, Irene. Move in and start confiscating weapons. Take all their weapons, break into homes, businesses, whatever you have to do but get those weapons.

  2. “Help?” Sounds more like a training exorcise in domestic military occupation.

  3. I remember when I was in Hurricane Frederic in Daphne, Alabama. We had electricity restored by noon the next day so Jimmy Carter could fly in by helicopter for a photo op in Bayou La Batre.

    It took a week to get everything back to normal. In the meantime, the Alabama National Guard was mobilized to help.

    Why not just mobilize the state National Guards to help instead of the U.S. Army?

    1. The state National Guards are across the ocean occupying foreign soil.
    2. The illegitimate government of occupation in the District of Criminals wants the U.S.Army to practice occupying Amerikan soil and terrorizing the Amerikan people.

  4. Send the bastards home we don’t need help from you your totally against the USA and the CONSTITUTION like katrina we remember what you did there.

  5. 9:00pm EST, Looking at the satellite from NOAA, its looks like Norfolk is getting slammed, and it just seemed to me for a second that it might have taken traction and will go up the Chesapeake Bay…lots of damage if that happens….Of course FEMA is gonna say something like this may cause devastation potentially..these are the sheep that they have been trying to(and succeeding on some levels) keep brainwashed.
    Either way, this is a very volatile area..gonna have to keep watch on ALOT of chemical plants, petroleum caches, and nuclear reactors, and Norfolk has missile assembly plants, military artillery caches, who knows what else ….. I personally don’t thik its strong enough to cause anything like a total meltdown..but TPTB might make it look like it…and either way, its gonna be some serious civilian and property damage, regardless I think. We shall see..
    I wonder what the whole attention to just NYC and NJ is all about…..? hmmmm?
    Blessed Be to all.

  6. put them in the FEMA camps to keep them safe!! put the dead in the millions of coffins and body bags that fema ordered!! its for your own good. we must take over your lives because your not safe if we dont. you need us to become a wordly fascist dictator government

    we do it because we care

    • Yes, I feel safer all ready. We must all go to the Fema camps and make reservations for one of those cool plastic coffins. I want my coffin engraved.

      • The FEMA coffins fit 3-4 each. I just want my name engraved first.

  7. Nothing here yet.

    Rhode Island
    8:37 pm
    Sat Aug 7

  8. Has any one noticed the hype the news media has placed on this category 1 Hurricane. Which now seems to be loosing power and skirting the eastern coast. the evacuation of huge areas for a small storm serge. OMG you would think the end of the world is coming . To listen to the news there constant coverage like this is a cat 5 storm, I believe they are using this non crisis as a means to cut of news and information from around the globe, the fall of the U.S. dollar the collapse of the American Empire, the endless wars across the pond, the 2012 election and the Ron Paul victories and his climb in popularity. Its ridiculous to even watch. here in Oklahoma we have larger winds on any given day. Yeah the serge will cause some flooding to areas that are low but not enough to focus an entire nation and the world on. The more important issues like the collapse of the American Empire has gone all but unnoticed.

    • Having grown up on the east coast, I find the hype laughable. That’s not to say that folks shouldn’t stay away from the shore and plate glass windows. All it takes is one rogue wave or one branch flying through the air and you’re toast, but freak accidents can happen any time, any place, so making this into a national crisis is ridiculous. They even have Janet Napolitano handing out advice as if she knew diddly about anything. Feh!

      This is just another ploy to not only distract everyone from the real news, like Rambo said, but to tie every weather event to climate change, as if it hasn’t all been going on since the planet’s beginning. Remember all those ho-hum pictures of snowdrifts and cars stuck in the snow last winter as if Edward Scissorhands had been busy at work for the first time in living memory? It was all because of global warming, doncha know. When I was a child in the northeast during the 40s and 50s there were some winters with snow drifts towering over me . Occasionally we’d have a winter when there was hardly any snow. Weather happens…

  9. A black man says “Irene is coming,better leave your house unattended”…………Irene says “A black man is coming,better sit in your houses with a baseball bat!”

  10. Do not ever go to fema for help under any circumstances.

  11. Many thanks to the military and law enforcement (the good ones that is) for all your help and all that you do. However, please please please do not follow any orders involving house to house searches or gun confiscation. Every gun owner in this country is fully aware of what happened after Katrina and if you try anything like that ever again, you will face ferocious resistance. Trust me – millions have vowed to fight to the death before surrendering their guns. For the sake of your families and the entire country, don’t be on the wrong side of history on this one.

    • freeform…..the military today is so pumped full of drugs I doubt seriously if any of them would be capable of free thinking. Believe me, I would love nothing better than to be protected or to ask for assistance from a military like we had during WWII but those days are long gone.
      Todays commanders are mercenaries first, traitors, self serving, hateful, they have no family they appreciate and no country that they would be honored to serve….it’s all about the money, drugs and prostitutes.

      • I realize that my plea would fall largely upon deaf ears but I also know firsthand that there are many LEO’s and military who situationally could make a difference. The Oath Keepers movement is growing – maybe not as fast as the corruption – but it indicates that there will be pockets of resistance to unlawful orders when they’re given in the future. Don’t give up hope, man. Sure, a lot of us will be cut down, but some of us won’t and we will be the ones who will carry the torch for liberty.

        • Not on deaf ears…I figure the only way to take all that must be taken by force, and keeping it, will lay largely with getting enlisted service Americans to see we mean business, and that what it is we’re fighting for is for them too, if they aren’t to brainwashed already.
          As I said..Ill take being cut-down..in a minute, for the right reasons and establishment of “how we’re rebuilding”.
          The only thing really penetrating this end, is the fact that , with so many brainwashed, and few more scared to do anything until something major goes down..they will prison anyone for getting together to even think about that at this point. We can’t get together in mass..theres gonna have to be cells, within the ones that will be stupid and go in a hail of bullets to loot and just maim everyone they come across for the thrill of it all. Sure, alot of THOSE will be going after entities that we need gone after, but yeah..anyway..
          Blessed Be to all.

    • Yes this time around their will be alot of dead cops and military if they go gun confiscating. Everybody put a sign in your yard in North Carolina especially. “gun confuscators will be shot”. They try this crap too many more times and they will be replacing the entire police forces anywhere they try gun confiscation. I am especially angry the North Carolina telling residents that they cannot transport or carry a gun when this is one of thr most critcal times to be packing. I say ignore the nazi order and carry.

  12. I’m right where the storm is right now and it’s no big deal. The local media here is so socialist and nanny state minded it isn’t funny. I can’t watch it for very long without feeling disgusted. It’s just some wind and rain people. That’s it.

    • I can’t figure it out either, we have had thunderstorms worse than this. You want to talk about a hurricane, FRAN was a hurricane. The media and the government have been hyping this “minor” storm up for some reason.

      • Absolutely..I think, since they have tried-out HAARP(and similar around the world) enough..they need to see if the prisons are suitable..they really needed a bigger system than this to pass through, but this one WILL cause some damage in places..I just wonder why the most populated(NYC and NJ) are being focused on for ‘damage’, and VERY little to the strategic and vulnerable area south that its hitting right now, as I type…that just got mildly hit with some good shaking…
        the places where the reactors that have been left out of news stories except for “they went off-line at first shake” since it happened, and thereafter..nothing about what anyone found in those facilities..and didn’t even say anything about nothing being wrong…no inspection reports at all I could see different to what has already been said….
        Not to mention the many many artillery making facilities, and ammunition storage areas, or the major chemical and petroleum facilities….
        Damn..I’m rambling again… I apologize…but we really should be watching these things a little..just t see if something is staged to blame the storm for..or to see if they try to keep stuff from us about things.
        Blessed Be to all.

        • Maybe they need to get as many people out of the area as they can so that they won’t be seen rigging up a few areas with explosives for their next “terrorist’ attack.

    • Yeah, something stinks here. Could they be using weather as a false flag?

      Maybe the weather should be added to the terrorist list – just like everybody else.

      • They are practicing gun confisvation and herding of human techniques.

      • It looks like it was being set-up as a “leadership” opportunity for Obama. He had a photo-op at the National Weather Bureau as if he’s monitoring the situation.

        It may not be the ONLY reason, but it looks like it IS a reason.

  13. Whatever they do it will be for your own safety and if you don’t like it they’ll kill you.


    • you are funny!

  14. Its a CATEGORY ONE now, for pete’s sake.

    Sure they can’t wait to declare an “Emergency”,

    and that means “TIME TO LOOT STEAL” while

    keeping citizens away from their homes. They

    only need troops to GUARD THE FRONT DOOR

    while the LOOTERS escape out the back; sorta


    • No..they let them do it to DECLARE the state of emergency..so they can practice, and implement some strategic moves.
      For the big one thats coming from alot of people. They need to know how the mass sheep can be herded in a large, and small scale.

      • i believe you have hit the nail on the head.They usually like to kill several birds with a single stone so I’m sure there are several scenarios here.Domestic military training exorcises,make Obama look good,convince the public that the government is now on top of things,distract the public from current affairs and possibly something much darker in nature as well.There is definitely an ulterior motive to all of this overreaction.

  15. No no no no no the last thing you want is help from the military lol.

  16. Richard Haas Pres of CFR said on a CNN GPS podcast with Fareed Zakaria on 8/21 said some thing to the effect that people need to come to terms with the fact that their governments aren’t in a position to protect them from globalization at this point! Check it out for yourselves the podcast is down loadable for free on CNN website.

  17. They are there to assist in gun confiscation, that’s all.

  18. I would not be suprised that our government uses this opportunity too set up some sort of terrorist attack that will occur in the near future while folks are away …Would give the the rats ( our corrupt government ) a chance to move in and setup if u know what i mean.. Just would not suprise me.

  19. ok first off the media is hyping this storm like no other… its only a damn catagory 1 if that, and yet when watching the news and weather channel you never hear them say its catagory, they just say how great the horrible damadge is going to be and how great the loss of life could be. its all bullshit. the people that stayed said ” its only a little storm” and that they have seen and been through much worse. secondly we do not want your mudrering nazi military in here looting and raping our homes after a storm so mr federal government you can fuck off and keep your troops the hell out of here.

  20. I don’t understand what this article is saying…..
    It is the job of the National Guard to help in and emergency,
    but the Headline says “US Military ready to help…” and then
    it goes on to say “101,000 National Guard”.
    The National Guard is suppose to help within our country, but
    the military is for out of the US.
    Am I missing something????

    • It’s just misinformation and misrepresentation from infowars. They also refer to the Department of Natural Resources as the ‘federal government.’

      • why are u here if u just want to bitch chem ? What have u done to help America .. NOTHING . thats right so go some place else and complain for the globalists .. they will lose in the end anyways cause good always wins against evil in the end.. even if that end is in death.

        • what have you done to help america? be afraid of shadows?

      • chemnate :

        Reuters wrote the article…not infowars,
        so you should blame them for any
        “misinformation and misrepresentation”.

        BTW…how many ‘northcom’ troups do you think
        are on the standby if needed ?

        Reuters did not mention northcom in the article
        but “Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said on Friday
        the military stood ready to aid the U.S.”

        so why in hell do you blame infowars ?
        Blame Defense Secretary Leon Panetta ,
        he was the one that said it. Reuters and
        infowars are just reporting it.

        • ooo ooo. Is this finally when the government is going to take all of our right away? The military is going to invade our own country and kill their own family members and not desert? I be nothing happen!! I be nothing will ever happen. You sir are a retard.

        • Chem you calling people retards is rather childish. Are u even old enough to be on the internet ?

        • No chemnate :

          You build a false assumption and accuse me of being
          a retard ? Anyone with 2 or more brain cells to rub
          together can see you are a troll.

          Most people don’t feed trolls, but then again,
          I am not most people.

          The only two things you said that was true was when you said
          “I be nothing” twice…

          You are the retard.
          thanks for proving it.

        • just calling them as i see them

      • Well obviously more then you do chem . Why are u even here ? Go drink your kool aid and flouridated water.

      • Go back to your cubicle at the FEMA camp , troll…

  21. If the worst case scenario happens, everyone here would want 55 million people to fend for themselves? If FEMA helps they are trying to kill people. But if they do nothing they are trying to kill people. These conspiricy nuts don’t know which way is up/

    • I have to agree with you chemnate. Sorry for my last comment.

    • Look at FEMA’s history.

      If they ‘help’ you are screwed.

      remember all the comm lines fema cut ?
      all the supplies and outside help they turned
      away, and the astrodome after katrina?

      You want their help ?
      Not I.

      As far as if I would “want 55 million people to fend for themselves”
      or not ? Sure, why not, social Darwinism.

      Would no doubt be better off with no ‘help’ from FEMA,
      considering their track record.I’d be willing to take my chances
      with social Darwinism. …come or no…

      • social Darwinism? so they’re going to die because everyone on the east coast are social out casts?
        FEMA cut comm lines? when? where? what if someone in fema made a mistake?

        • chemnate, it is your responsibility, not your fellow bloggers, to gather the facts for your consideration so that you can make statements based upon knowledge instead of ignorance.

      • Right on, Far Q!

        FEMA took HOW LONG to get aid to New Orleans after Katrina, 10 days?

        After the Johnstown, PA flood where 2,000 people were drowned, the entire

        city wrecked and all road rail service wiped out, food, fresh water,

        tents and medical supplies were arriving by 8 HOURS! The help came

        in WAGONS, by HORSEBACK and ON FOOT over muddy trails through

        thick woods, but by NEXT DAY the thousands of homeless survivors

        had hot meals, shelter, medical attention and warm clothing.

        THE YEAR WAS 1886. FEMA is a stinking BOIL on the *ss of humanity!

        • You forgot that most of that was from people, not government ‘regulated’. Back then.

          Sad the governments don’t want us to help each other anymore..THEY have to be the ones to provide it, and if you as an individual, or unregistered group, try..you didn’t have a license, or, the food wasn’t all USDA or something… you must go to jail.

    • go for a walk chemnate and take a breather mate………

    • No..if FEMA doesn’t help, they want 55 million people to line up. Like you already seemingly did.
      Ill have more satisfaction dying, than you EVER will living.

  22. How do you know that I’m not? Don’t be childish.

  23. You are not in this storm so shut up!

  24. The FEMA camps are ready.

    The Unazi States of Amerika!

    • You are not in this severe storm so shut up and drink your Kool-Aid!

      • Not directly in the storm…but the storm isn’t the problem..except a good stage for a play.

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