Ukraine Files to Join NATO Urgently As Evil Russia Annexes 4 of Its Territories

Demonic country from hell known as Russia which is the father of lies just stole 4 territories from Ukraine, as a result, Ukraine now wants to join NATO immediately. What a devilish dirty scumbag nation Russia is!!!!!!!!!!!! The father of lies, the children of the devil! First when the US was warning that Russia will […]

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2 Responses to “Ukraine Files to Join NATO Urgently As Evil Russia Annexes 4 of Its Territories”

  1. Ray says:

    Wait, what? The rest of this story is missing.

    While I agree that Russia (USSR) was evil when the Jews via Marx and Stalin etc murdered 60 million innocent people (mostly Christians) they are not the same beast as before. They are fighting the New World Order run by the Khazarian Jews who’s ancient homeland was Khazaria but is now known as Ukraine. It’s the exact same land. DNA science has proven the Jews occupying Jerusalem and surrounding territory does not belong to them, so as a safety net they’ve started moving resources and their power base to Ukraine.

    The Jews have been secretly moving their resources to Ukraine for years and it’s been known for at least 8 years now that Ukraine is the money laundering and drug and child sex-trafficking center of Europe. When Putin’s special forces moved in they uncovered dungeons full of children and changed their operations to rescue children and that slowed down their assault.

    Putin has many times defended children from the NWO transgender movement and homosexual movement. He cares about children and his people and he’s gone Napoleon against the Jewish Oligarchs. In my opinion he is fighting against the NWO by evidence of who’s against him. Every single nation and political figure that is against Putin is pro-NWO.

  2. Antonium says:

    All the land of Ukraine has been gifted by russian territory to ¨ukrauniuans¨, ukraine nation its fake like jews(hebrews) doesnt exist because they russians, if you dont believe me, just check history of russia and ukrania.

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