US Intelligence Committee Claims Chinese Corporations Are National Security Threat

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October 10, 2012




The US House Intelligence Committee (USHIC) is warning American corporations in a new report against conducting business with 2 Chinese firms because of national security threats. Both Huawei Technologies and ZTE, two of the world’s largest telecommunications corporations and suppliers of cellular phones and technology are being highlighted by the US government and blamed for cyber-attacks. It is also claimed by the USHIC that they are involved in digital espionage.

Hong Lei, a Chinese foreign ministry spokesman, explained that “[China] hopes the U.S. will do more to benefit the interests of the two countries, not the opposite.”

Huawei was founded by a former Chinese military engineer and has quickly risen to be the most profitable supplier of telecommunications gear. The ZTE Corporation is the largest manufacturer of mobile phones.

According to the report, “China has the means, opportunity, and motive to use telecommunications companies for malicious purposes. . . . The investigation concludes that the risks associated with Huawei’s and ZTE’s provision of equipment to U.S. critical infrastructure could undermine core U.S. national-security interests.”

It is claimed that former industry insiders provided intelligence to the US concerning Huawei’s violations of US laws such as immigration, bribery and corruption as well as an alleged “pattern and practice” using pirated software in its US satellites.

It was cited in the report that the Chinese corporations were employing intelligence sources as well as private sector companies and other unnamed entities that could and assumedly did steal trade secrets, sensitive information and prehistory data while simultaneously shipped infected hard ware and software to the US with the intent to cause disruptions in national security during war time.

Huawei and ZTE deny these allegations. The USHIC claims they have documentation providing this “fact” which points to an elite cyber group within the People’s Liberation Army. ZTE is suspected of being involved in the Chinese Communist party and working with Iran.

Involved in the block against Huawei and ZTE is Timothy Geithner, US Treasury Secretary and shill for the Technocrats. Geithner who sits on a multi-agency regulatory panel called the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) has flagged these two Chinese corporations for national security threats.

The USHIC stated that they were not satisfied with the explanation given by the 2 corporations as to their relationship with the Chinese government and possible covert operations. Huawei retorts that this latest attack on Chinese technological and digital infrastructure is a cover for the crimes being committed by the US in conjunction with the Zionist regime, a.k.a. the Israeli government, with regard to the cyber-attacks on Iran.

Symantec Corp and Kapersky Lab have been analyzing the recent barrage of internet viruses like Flame and Stuxnet which are clearly developed and implemented by US government agencies with the intent to cause havoc to foreign nations by using cyber-attacks as their Modis Operandi.

Aleks Gostev, Kaspersky Lab chief security expert, explained: “Based on the code from the servers, it can be said that they were working with at least three other programs similar to Flame. The code names of those programs are IP, SP and SPE.”

Both the US and Israel deny involvement with Flame and Stuxnet. The globalists at TED blame the US solely for the cyber-attacks. Ralph Langer at a TED conference said that “My opinion is that the Mossad is involved but that the leading force is not Israel.”

In June, the Kapersky Lab asserted that their investigation in Flame produced evidence that the US and Israel came together to attack Iranian nuclear sites such as the Natanz facility with the use of this computer virus to disrupt their enrichment of uranium.

The Pentagon, through a report in 2011, assessed that the US is involved in cyberespionage, but claims it is a defense to the thefts of industrial and defense secrets of other cyberspies.

Roel Schouwenberg, a senior researcher at Kaspersky Lab, commented: “We are now 100 percent sure that the Flame and Stuxnet groups worked together. The fact that the Flame group shared their source code with the Stuxnet group shows they cooperated at least once.”

It was discovered in June of this year that the hactivists LuzSec who are redistributed members of Anonymous and infiltrated CIA hackers employed to be the nameless, faceless digital threat that serves to legitimize the US government’s need for stricter controls on the internet, had gained information from foreign servers located in Syrian prisons. Knowing that the US is funding a proxy war in Syria, and that the US uses groups like Anonymous to digitally attacking foreign nations, the US government is obviously the cause of security threat across the web.

Earlier this month, an anonymous White House official said there was an attempt to hack into the executive branch’s computer system through an unclassified network. No data were removed, proving that this was not an actual hack. The nameless official said that the experiment was a “spear-phishing”.

The supposition is that China is behind these attacks because of a phishing expedition against Gmail accounts wherein several senior US government officials and military personnel were affected.

The recent allegations of Chinese cyber-attacks stem from their involvement with Iran to purchase petrol using gold as currency and not the US dollar as the global reserve currency.

The Chinese also began trading and bartering with the African nations for resources while Obama sent in troops under cover of AFRICOM during the Kony2012 debacle.

Vice Admiral Robert T. Moeller openly declared AFRICOM’s guiding principle as protecting “the free flow of natural resources from Africa to the global market.” Moeller also mentioned China’s presence in the region as a “challenge” to American interests. He was referring to the deals China was making with the African nations in exchange and boarder for their resources. Where the US chose to invade a sovereign nation with the intention of stealing their resources, the Chinese used diplomacy; and as Moeller explained, this was a disruption to their scheme.

The movement in the mainstream media to further demonize China at this time is not arbitrary. Considering the plans and schemes of the Zionist regime through their puppet President Obama to involve not only Iran, but also China in their WW III, the claims of cyber-attacks are designed to force support from the populace for the pending death and destruction instigated by our own government.

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