US, Israel responsible for all crimes in ME

Referring to the occupation of Afghanistan, war on Iraq, and instability in the region, President Hassan Rouhani blamed Americans and Zionists for all the crimes happening in the Middle East.

The Iranian president made the remarks addressing the meeting of officials, ambassadors of Islamic countries and the families of war veterans and martyrs with the Leader of the Islamic Revolution on Thursday on the occasion of Islamic holiday of Mab’ath.

“Prophet of Islam is not only for the Muslims, but he is a blessing for the human race, as he showed the way to the mankind,” said Rouhani dubbing the day as the day of blessing for the whole world.

Touching upon the accusations of terrorism and violence made against Islam, Rouhani invited those who are propagandizing Islamophobia to cast a fair eye on the Utopia of Islam and the way Prophet Muhammad treated justly his opponents, atheists, and enemies of religion.

“On the one hand, the western enemies of Islam who are warring on Islam for centuries, and on the other hand the ignorant associates of Islam and the dependent-on-west mercenaries who form the two blades of a pair of scissors which are putting the reputation of Islam in danger,” reiterated President Rouhani.

“Who brought terror and insecurity to the region,” asked Rouhani rhetorically and then answered that, “those who founded an usurper regime 70 years ago.” He stressed that, “most of the insecurities, terrors, and wars are rooted in the conquering regime which has usurped Palestine from Palestinians.”

The Iranian president articulated that the final goal of Islam is to lay peace and security in the whole world and added that, “it is impossible to keep hush while those who are calling themselves the ‘custodian of the two holy shrines’ are brutally bombarding civilians in Yemen.”

By Mehr News Agency

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