USA Collapse Is Being Engineered By The Barbarians Inside The Gate

America Is Falling Apart

Paul Craig Roberts

Black Criminal Gangs Loot California Stores

San Francisco mass looting spreads to Los Angeles and Walnut Creek
Los Angeles PD warns criminals against making latest looting tactic ‘a new trend’

The Los Angeles Police Department is warning people in the city not to create a new looting trend where suspects form a “flash mob” and ransack a store. “We really want to prevent this from becoming a new trend where they think they can show up and take over a street or a freeway or any part of the city that they’re just going to be able to do what they want,” LAPD Det. Ryan Moreno said last week in comments to the press. His comments came in response to a looting incident at a 7-Eleven last Monday where about 100 people stormed the convenience store. The suspects quickly dispersed across the store, taking anything from cigarettes and lottery tickets to snacks.

Los Angeles flash mob loots, vandalizes 7-Eleven following street takeover, police say

Police unions blame ACLU for rash of recent smash-and-grab robberies: ‘Voters were lied to’
The ACLU’s position is that “smash and grab” is just non-legislated restitution.

Police union leaders are blaming the ACLU for the recent smash-and-grab robberies
“When society removes accountability for bad behavior, criminals get emboldened to commit more crimes,” the president of the Los Angeles Police Protective League, Craig Lally, told Fox News.

Smash-and-grab thieves attack stores around the country, California security guard shot dead as crime rages

A former police officer was shot and killed while protecting a news crew reporting on a smash-and-grab incident.

In one of the most high-profile cases last year, roughly 80 suspects departed from about 25 cars outside a Nordstrom location in Walnut Creek, which is about 25 miles from San Francisco, looted the store and made off with more than $100,000 in stolen merchandise. Employees of Nordstrom were left injured by the incident, including by pepper spray, and assaulted with a knife.

If white people did such things, Homeland Security, the Department of Justice, the New York Times, NPR, CNN, the rest of the presstitutes, and the FBI would declare them “domestic terrorists” and round them up. The Democrat Nazis are even rounding up peaceful white supporters who exercised their Constitutional rights by attending a rally for President Trump. Nothing happens to blacks for looting stores, but “privileged whites” are imprisoned for exercising rights once protected, but no more, by the US Constitution. In San Francisco it is not a felony for a black to steal from a store as long as the value of the stolen item does not exceed $950 per person. This is what they call “white privilege.”

Retail executives and police officers emphasize the role of organized crime in the mass lootings of stores. The New York Times, amazingly, reports that mass robberies in California are escalating and are becoming much more bold and violent. They blame the liberal Democrats’ Proposition 47 that reclassified thefts as misdemeanors if the stolen goods are worth less than $950. Apparently, the permission to steal is only given to blacks. I am yet to hear of mass store robberies by white people.

I am sure the FBI Gestapo will soon organize one and that Homeland Security will make us all totally insecure by cracking down on white Americans redefined as “domestic terrorists.”

White Americans are amazingly stupid not to realize that they are already more demonized than Jews in Nazi Germany. Instead of realizing their own danger, they accept, support, and cover up for black criminal elements. Such insouciant hapless people have no possibility of survival.

Some Americans are catching on: But it seems they must suffer grievously before they do.



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