War in the Middle East will become OBSOLETE once Low Energy Nuclear Reactions are allowed to flourish, providing low-cost energy to the world

War in the Middle East will become OBSOLETE once Low Energy Nuclear Reactions are allowed to flourish, providing low-cost energy to the world

Countries in the Middle East, which possess 48.3 percent of the world’s oil reserves, play a vital role in global oil production and the economic growth of the countries in the region, which derive most of their income from oil. The 12 largest oil fields in the region are in Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Kuwait, Iran, Oman and the U.A.E., where more than 15 million barrels of oil are extracted collectively, daily.

During a recent broadcast on Brighteon.com, Mike Adams and media ecologist James Martinez pointed out how the Middle East’s supremacy on fossil fuel would be pointless as soon as Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR), or cold fusion, is allowed. This energy source is said to be cost-efficient. “Everything that we’re seeing in the Middle East right now would be irrelevant if the world wasn’t running on fossil fuels. Let’s make no mistake, the entire reason the United States is backing Israel has to do with oil,” Adams said. “It’s to have Israel as a proxy state for the West to have a presence in the Middle East to protect its oil supply.” He even cited that the militant group Hamas was created by Israeli and U.S. intelligence, or mostly Israeli intelligence, and funded by Israel but influenced by U.S. intelligence.

The Health Ranger pointed out that if we had clean, truly green and sustainable energy, which is LENR, we wouldn’t need any wars in the Middle East. His guest Martinez agreed, saying some of the people that he met are aware of this whole globalist operation. However, not as many as he thought. It’s not a topic of discussion but he thinks people will start thinking about it based on recent events that may have been manipulated by globalists, who would not want an affordable and truly clean energy source. He proceeded to cite what happened back in October in Acapulco, where Category 5 storm Hurricane Otis made landfall in the Mexican state of Guerrero, leaving 46 dead and 58 people missing. He was there when it happened.

“It [Hurricane Otis] took place but it was played down,” he said. “It looks like a bomb went off,” Adams quipped and Martinez quickly agreed. “This is where it gets interesting to me because I was very suspicious of why the port authorities or the government of Acapulco did not warn the public about what happened,” he said. As the Cold Fusion proponent observed, there was no sound outside, no airplanes and no immediate rescue operations. “I suspected it was a weather weapon used against Acapulco for the construction of a 15-minute city,” he said. Acapulco, being a place where free speech and freedom of political affiliation flourished, makes it a target for the urban planning concept for the government’s total control and tyranny.

But the good news is earlier this year, ARPA-E, a U.S. agency dedicated to funding advanced energy research, announced a handful of grants for LENR. Most scientists likely didn’t take notice of the news. But, for a small group of them, the announcement marked vindication for their specialty: cold fusion, which is the science of making atomic nuclei merge and harnessing the resultant energy. The process does not involve incredible temperatures, on the scale of millions of degrees, needed for “traditional” fusion. “In a dream world, successful cold fusion could provide us with a boundless supply of clean, easily attainable energy,” the website Popular Science indicated.

Cold fusion advocate: War is obsolete

Martinez, who aims to wake the public up from the deep electronic hypnotic sleep, also added war is already outdated.

“It’s mostly about conflicts having to do with territory and energy resources. It’s done for a reason. And we’re technologically way past that,” he said. “There’s a lot of bad effects from technology, but there’s a lot of good effects as well. Some of those good effects allow us to be independent and not pollute the environment. We don’t need warfare anymore because we’re living in a state of abundance.” He further pointed out that the mainstream media is just brainwashing people about things that are so obsolete “it doesn’t even matter anymore.”

Adams went on to explain how the LENR technology works. He said that once properly commercialized, a small unit that can be compared to an air conditioning system can be attached to the house. This unit will constantly produce power and could also be tied to a lithium battery bank to help buffer power drawers. It would be enough for the needs of a household that “you’ll be able to cut the power lines, you won’t need to depend on the power grid.”

“I’m not saying that it exists in that form right now. But all we need is mechanical engineers, some physicists and consumer product engineers to put these pieces together. The technology exists, they can make that happen. And the world would be set free in so many ways. Food would become incredibly affordable to people because food prices are directly related to energy prices,” Adams said. (Related: Cold fusion (LENR) commercial breakthrough could END food and energy scarcity around the world.)

Per Martinez, the world changes the media ecological effects of utilizing a technology like this. “We don’t need conflicts anymore. People need to realize that technological breakthroughs exist today, but they’ve got to be demanded and the general public needs to be aware of it.”

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Watch the full interview featuring Mike Adams with James Martinez below.

This video is from the Health Ranger Report channel on Brighteon.com.

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