British MI import John Hamblin, ABC Play School pedophile rapist who worked for MKULTRA.

I have been alerted to an imminent threat to Australian victims of government-sponsored child trafficking. Government employed agents are inviting alternative advocacy groups, social media personalities, and victims themselves, to supply information that would enable the government to locate and seize evidence and witnesses under the guise of an anti-terror blitz. 

These groups are asking for people to volunteer as information gatherers of victim details, perpetrators, networks, institutions of abuse, times, dates, locations, names. They say it is in preparation for taking legal action against the perpetrators.

Obviously, this information gathering is for nefarious purposes. Remember the Wood Royal Commission and how they collected the same information only to bury it beneath a 99-year suppression order. The witnesses and victims were then targeted by the government, police, mental health services, child protection, for silencing via drugging, prison, psychiatric hospital – or death. 

Guard your information. This is not the platform for releasing such details. 

Read my free book EYES WIDE OPEN: Lockdown Edition for an explanation of these agent provocateurs and their methods. These scumbags were compromised to work for cult and military intelligence in this dirty capacity. These people are information gathering to identify and mark for collection all potential whistle-blowers like myself. Their tactic is to pretend to be right-wing terror threats, get arrested, make genuine-looking videos of them getting arrested and attending protests and related activities, gain your trust because they seem convincing; then they associate with you at you home etc, gather your personal weaknesses and layout of your home, daily movements, and key connections. They then deliver this information to the military and police who then arrest you under anti-terror law for cavorting with right-wing terrorists (aka Special Intelligence Officers who work for them).

Then you find yourself in one of MKULTRA psychiatrist Paul Mullen’s Fixated Persons Units located in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane (and London, UK). Paul Mullen worked for the British Royals and covered up their child trafficking network involving Jimmy Saville and Prince Andrew.

QAnon is a product of the U.S. Army’s Psychological Operations division. My perpetrator Lt. Col. Michael Aquino was the brainchild behind QAnon. Aquino’s close Army buddy operated 8Chan, a military site. The Psychological Operations employees authored the Q material. QAnon was created after I blew the whistle on MKUKLTRA in Australia and its relationship to the U.S. and British military, and it was Aquino’s desperate attempt to discredit my witness testimony against him and his involvement. Aquino died after he failed to silence and discredit me. 

QAnon replaced CIA head Psychiatrist Martin Orne’s False Memory Foundation (FMF) – which was also devised by Michael Aquino in response to the multiple reports by child witnesses of Aquino and the U.S. military’s involvement in child trafficking, ritual abuse, and MKULTRA experiments. The FMF disbanded after I publicly discredited them – but they were immediately replaced with QAnon.

As an ex-military intelligence mate of mine said, the threat I pose to the industrial military complex is akin to that posed by Snowdon and Assange. My coming out 10 years ago triggered a global awakening to the CIA’s coordination of the global child trafficking operation. When you see people write feeble attempts to discredit me on their websites, and they are not victims of the same, but just write shit books about VIP pedophilia, conduct shit interviews about it, etc – they are FAKE. They are government paid to try and control the narrative around what I exposed. These people are employed by CIA cut-outs like Hillsong to discredit real survivor testimony and associate it with the QAnon minions. Their goal is to discredit the survivors as conspiracy theorists and right-wing terrorists. Hence the hit piece on me by ABC 4Corners under the guise of exposing QAnon. This proceeded the ABC’s first hit piece on me in the form of Media Watch TV back in 2015 that was hosted by British MI import agent Paul Barry.

Know that the Australian Broadcasting Commission used me to film child porn on the set of Play School, and that one of the British Military Intelligence imports, Play School presenter John Hamblin, raped me as a pre-schooler in the presence of MKULTRA perpetrators Antony Kidman and Wendy-Louise Walker. And I’ll tell you something else – my GP was told back in 2015 that her friend left employment at the ABC TV because “you have to abuse children to work at the ABC.” The ABC are the Australian version of the BBC who covered up Jimmy Saville and gunned down TV presenter Jill Dando to stop her exposing Saville and his VIP pedophile connections including Prince Andrew.

Yet ABC News plagiarised the research of Steve McMurray and the writings published in my book and my website content in their article dated 5 August 2021 in which they finally admit that MKULTRA came to Australia in 1960 when Martin Orne was sponsored by the U.S. military to train my perpetrators Wendy-Louise Walker & Co in unethical hypnosis techniques at the University of Sydney. This constituted another whitewash by the ABC, since their star witness Peter Sheehan started up an MKULTRA hypnosis clinic at the University of Queensland where psychology undergraduates were forced to participate in MKULTRA hypnosis research – my dentist was one of those students! So, you don’t have to look far for evidence of what I have been telling people for decades. 

Do not assist the joint military intelligence in discrediting MKULTRA victims. Do not support QAnon.

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