Water Slide and Ferris Wheel Accidents are Hoaxes – Cover for Failed Nice Attack Hoax

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Water Slide and Ferris Wheel Accidents are Hoaxes – Cover for Failed Nice Attack Hoax

With revelations from one of our posters

Regarding the phony death of a 10 year-old at a Kansas water park one minute he was decapitated, another minute it was merely a neck injury ‘or something like that.’ Now, how could a real injury or death be represented in such a way? Yet, it is said:

Witnesses have described the horrific moment a 10-year-old boy was ‘decapitated‘ on the world’s biggest water slide.

Is it decapitation, really? If so, where is the head? Where is the body? That would be horrific beyond belief.

Who is going to act so casual in the midst of an event, if real? Yet, every effort is made to make this appear as if it truly is an actual horrific event. Nothing could be more frightening to the human mind than the thought of falling from such heights or suffering such a sudden, horrific accident, as described. It would gain the world’s attention, and this was the plot.

Thus, it is said:

They saw Caleb Schwab flung from the Kansas City water park ride known as the Verruckt – which means “insane” in German.

He was flung to where? It is also said:

One witness – who saw the ride streaked in blood – said she saw Caleb’s distraught brother scream at a park worker: “I just saw my little brother die because of one of your attractions!”

Who in God’s name speaks like that, especially the brother? He’s going to call him his “little brother?” He’s going to say he “died” and it was “because of one of your attractions?” No one believes such nonsense.

The person, who is not authorized to speak about the boy’s death, told The Associated Press that Caleb Schwab was decapitated Sunday on the “Verruckt” raft ride at the Schlitterbahn WaterPark in Kansas City, Kansas.

If he was not authorized to speak, why did he do so?

Schwab boarded the raft with two women who were not related to him. They both suffered minor cuts and scrapes on their face in the incident.

The women sustained minor facial injuries and were treated at area hospitals.



Here are the two women. Do they look like they have any evidences of minor cuts or abrasions? Where were the parents? Does anyone really believe, while there, they would allow the boy to go on the ride with two complete strangers? That would be child abuse and neglect to say the least, that is to put the child in such immense danger without any consideration for his safety.

In one interview with these women the one on the right is seen prompting the other woman, pushing at her with her shoulder.

Hoax confirmed by use of fake water soluble blood applied to water slide

It is clearly a fake. See the staging, here, with the fake blood poured on. This is clearly water-soluble paint, applied artificially. It can’t be anything else. By the way there is no way this represents the blood splatter from a neck injury or decapitation. What is there, regardless, that could decapitate anyone? This is a fake: no other possibility.


There is no blood splatter anywhere. There is no evidence of a head, corpse, dead body, grieving relatives, or anything else. Where is the mother? Wasn’t she running about, screaming?



What are they doing over there? Why aren’t they inspecting the site? Why is the fence/barrier raised only on one side?


That boat was clearly put there as a staged element. It’s a movie prop, like the rest of these elements.


Yet, it is said:


So, then, was this the decapitated corpse they could do nothing about, or was it the one with the neck injury with the head still attached? Then, where is the corpse, now? What happened to the mother and father? Why don’t they want to be “bothered?”

Here, the pastor is caught during the break asking if he did a good job with the interview and if it went alright. Who does so in a real emotionally charged event? Regardless, the man is clearly an actor. Who can demonstrate otherwise? Watch, below, when he was caught off-camera speaking about the staging and this was uploaded, regardless:

Sure he was, right. It’s great copy to solicit donations on that terminally wretched corruption element, GoMeFund:




What in the world is going on here? In the video the woman clearly breaks out in a big smile and smirk. Why aren’t the cops doing anything crucial?


The Zionists have the power to do this, just like they did with the fake alligator attack in Orlando in the aftermath of the failed Orlando shooting hoax. They are paranoid to the level of being psychotic.

Source Article from http://nodisinfo.com/water-slide-ferris-wheel-accidents-hoaxes-cover-failed-nice-attack-hoax/

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8 Responses to “Water Slide and Ferris Wheel Accidents are Hoaxes – Cover for Failed Nice Attack Hoax”

  1. Anonymous says:

    The 2 women in the photo are witnesses not the 2 in the raft. Decapitation can also refer to internal decapitation meaning the spine seperates from the head but not the body. Get your facts straight before disrespecting the grieving family with your babble.

  2. Jennifer T says:

    As a Kansas City resident, I am appalled at your ignorance and callousness. Caleb was decapitated when he was ejected from the raft and hit the metal forms of the safety net covering the slide. Do you really think they’d publish pictures of a headless 10 year old just to satisfy idiots like you? No, but I doubt they took the time to flush the blood from the slide before the media showed up. So ergo… blood trail and no body. Why was he riding with strangers? Because the ride required 3 riders and maybe the parents didn’t want to ride it. It’s hardly abuse or neglect to let a 10 year old ride a ride without his parents going with him. Maybe if you’d read all the news and particulars you’d have gotten the info you needed before you posted this and made an ass of yourself. But something tells me you’re the kind of person who would find a way to be an ass regardless!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Actually, Caleb was riding with his older brother. The lifeguards at the top separated the boys and Caleb’s brother was forced to ride first with 2 strangers, and waited at the bottom for his brother, watching his brother’s death. Caleb rode with 2 female strangers as well. There is nothing wrong with a 10, and 14 year old riding together. As a parent, I do not see a problem with this. It was the responsibility of the park to assure his safety, which they did not. As you now know, this is 100% not fake, as criminal charges have been filed and the slide has been torn down. I feel you owe this family a huge apology.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Excuse me? You didn’t see all of the news from every point of view or vantage point. He sure is decipitated and you don’t need a evidence to show this gruesome scene with blood. There is a reason that law enforcement, emergency medic, and other first responder not allow anybody to see the body of death. Some witnesses can see his death a horror happen. So don’t you dare jump into conclusion and said all of this is a fake. It is NOT a fake. It is 100% real. There’s many news about this. The owner of or company itself Schlitterbahn (I’m Texan myself and Schlitterbahn is headquartered in Texas.) and the corporation that built water slide was ORDERED by the COURT to pay the three brothers of Caleb’s (he has 3 brothers, a older brother Nathan before Caleb who saw his death and two after him) for the rest of their life.

  5. Isabel says:

    This is so stupid. This could’ve actually been real. Whoever wrote this needs some help, because you never know of anything is a hoax.

  6. Isabel says:

    Also, it was an internal decapitation. His head wasn’t chopped off completely, though it was still intact, but it had bent back so hard on impact from the metal pole that it had detached from his spine. And they had to move the body away because that would’ve been too harsh to see.

  7. Alex says:

    Dumbest piece of shit poor excuse of an “article” I’ve ever read in my life. Get your facts straight and stop making up your own conspiracies and get some fucking therapy asap.

  8. nuremberg says:

    Nazis like you should be skinned alive

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