Were COVID lockdowns and “distance learning” PLANNED to make today’s kids and the next generation of adults DUMB ENOUGH to vote for more communism?

Were COVID lockdowns and “distance learning” PLANNED to make today’s kids and the next generation of adults DUMB ENOUGH to vote for more communism?

No, it’s not enough that Americans are force-fed processed, nutrition-void food stuff and fluoridated water to lower their IQ, but we all had to endure COVID lockdowns and “distance-learning,” which should have been labeled “severely-disabled” learning. In order for just about any human being to believe in Western Medicine, they really need to be “doped up” 24/7/365 while watching TV ads for new drugs and getting brainwashed by commercials for sugar-dosed “junk science” food stuff. Then came “virtual learning” during the lockdowns and plandemic. Along with the deadly mRNA “vaccine” holocaust, it was ALL planned.

Top 5 major problems with virtual “distance learning” for children, kids and teens

The next couple generations have already been dumbed down from a combination of horrific toxins, misinformation, and the lack of proper education, that invade and keep invading their vital systems, including their brains. Not only are spike proteins clogging the vascular systems of 5 out of every 6 kids, but the entire learning infrastructure was disrupted for months, even years, for certain school systems.

Distance learning is not even close to being as effective as in-person schooling. Let’s take a look at this from an educator’s perspective.

#1. Distance learning (or virtual) makes it next-to-impossible for students to work together as partners or in small teams. That loss of learning and social skill building cannot be taken back or simply made up as lost time. It’s gone.

#2. Online learning is mostly linear, only engaging two senses. In fact, “virtual learning” leaves behind touch, taste, as well as feeling, which embed learning in the long-term memory part of the brain. In other words, it’s not “deep learning.”

#3. Motivation is a problem with virtual learning because of the lack of human interaction in person, since it’s more of a two-dimensional world online. Also, motivation is lacking because the content is poor and there’s much less context for all lessons and assignments.

#4. Way too much screen time is a major problem, in many health and learning realms. Do not underestimate this in the current destruction of real education’s infrastructure.

#5. Teachers have very little-to-no-control over the students paying attention, even staying in camera view, avoiding all kinds of distractions, leaving the computer for extended periods of time, and having no real supervision.

The entire education system is heading for a steep cliff, if the scamdemics keep coming and the virtual learning takes over, along with AI (artificial intelligence). Ready for 5 hours a day of boring lessons? How much screen time will the kids and teens experience outside of “school” while the virtual learning is in full effect? Is their IQ dropping, or just their grades and ability to think critically at all?

Students who sit in front of a computer screen to take school lessons all day are constantly interrupted by siblings, pets, noises, snack cravings, bathroom breaks (extended usually to goof off), and more. Plus, how much information is really sinking in when it’s really just like watching cartoons on TV? This is all a set up for kids and teens to be sucked into the vortex of stupidity, need, reliance and servitude to Big (Communist) Brother, make no mistake about it.

This was and is all a formula for disaster, to take away the health and minds of young Americans, leading them down a deep, dark, long spiral of servitude to a government that is only interested in two things: money and control. Bookmark Vaccines.news to your favorite independent websites for updates on toxins that make you dumb, fast, and give you Long-Vax-Syndrome.

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