Why the Blackout on the Effect of Cannabis Legalization?

(left, Cannabis infused gummies) 

Cannabis has been legal in Canada for almost six years. 
In the United States, cannabis is legal in 38 of 50 states for medical use and 24 states for recreational use. Yet there are practically no articles on the social or political impact of cannabis legalization in the MSM or online. Has legalization improved society? 

A friend suggested that nothing has been written because they can’t find anything bad to say, and they don’t want to say anything good.

Makow–I believe Cannabis helps us to access our souls. We are normally trapped in our minds and the mental matrix. Cannabis takes us to the universal. Is Cannabis the Answer for Burned-Out Canadians?      and Marijuana Edibles Could Save the World

by Eric Coppolino

We’ve gone from evil weed and 20-year prison terms to buying cannabis in gas stations and smoke shops, all in about five minutes. But it seems nobody is discussing the potential impacts.

I’m here to open a discussion about the implications and consequences of legal weed showing up nearly everywhere. The first point of conversation is that nobody much is talking about the potential impacts and consequences of such powerful medicine being turned loose on society, just like that.

Like most environmental influences, what ubiquitous cannabis might do is somehow not a conversation, and I’m curious throughts about why. Not long ago, people were serving significant jail terms (I reckon some still are) for something that was held officially to be a danger to society, which at the same time many people did behind closed doors. Now that has reversed. It’s wonderful and anyone may imbibe.

I’m curious what you think this change might represent, especially here in the digital age. Both digital and cannabis are methods of getting to the astral plane, and I wonder about the results of the two together. Astral is a kind of dream world, with a diversity of properties that make it fairly easily recognizable if you know what to look for.

Weed in 2024 is not weed in 1970. It’s far more powerful today, and also landing in an entirely different environment, mental state, and state of the world. I see our era as a tense, frantic time, driven largely by survival, material values and appearances, when many people are holding their breath waiting for the next disaster.

Edibles weighing in at from 50mg to 200mg are pretty much everywhere.

I’m not asking for judgment from a moral perspective, but rather what I think of as environmental studies, or the ground of consciousness. If the medium is the message, what is the message of the medium of cannabis?

I see these developments as meaningful, and I’m curious if you can help point at that meaning, or clues that describe it.


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