Wikispooks Vanishes from the Net – Have the Spreaders of Disinformation Had Anything to Do with It?


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Wikispooks is a small online encyclopaedia for the study of deep politics. It includes many topics not covered completely or accurately in Wikipedia, for example, sexual blackmail, the Epstein network, intelligence services infiltrating media, genocidal billionaires, the World Economic Forum Young Global Leaders, the Bilderberg network, war propaganda and more.

Additionally, as a post on their Telegram channel states: “We make many Wiki-pages of independent journalists and other people blacklisted or smeared in Wikipedia and by Google. This makes Wikispooks unpopular in certain circles.”

From a week ago, and without warning, most people around the world could no longer access Wikispooks’ website.  If you try, all you will get is: “This site can’t be reached.’s DNS address could not be found.”  Why?

Wikispooks have fallen victim to a DNS attack.

Wikispooks on Telegram, 25 August 2022

domain name system (“DNS”) is the phonebook of the Internet.  DNS lets users connect to websites using domain names instead of IP addresses. A DNS attack is an exploit in which an attacker takes advantage of vulnerabilities in the DNS.

Why would anyone attack Wikispooks’ website in this way?  As Mark Crispin Miller so eloquently puts it:

It is to keep those millions in denial, and thereby prevent the global Reckoning to come, that the government and media’s gigantic propaganda chorus keeps assuring them that, no, it isn’t true, that all our evidence (of every kind) is “conspiracy theory,” all our facts “disinformation.” … And as the propaganda chorus struggles to prevent that Day of Reckoning by doubling down on all its Oceanic lies, it also ever more extensively, and desperately, blacks out whatever findings, facts, perceptions and/or arguments might help snap people out of their hypnotic trance.They’re free to keep on killing us, as long as we keep thinking that they couldn’t be that evil, Mark Crispin Miller, 25 August 2022

There is an interesting thread by Craig Murray on the disappearance of Wikispooks HERE.  And you can follow Wikispooks on Twitter HERE or on Telegram HERE.

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Wikispooks Website Mysteriously Disappears

By Philip

WikispooksCryptome and were excellent repositories for information about the security state that I regularly would refer to. Including archives of news stories pulled from mainstream media and relying on FOIA and other reliable data the site was still decried by the usual suspects as a “conspiracy theory site.” And by usual suspects I mean the type of people with connections to USAID, National Endowment for Democracy, Atlantic Council and other CIA and NATO info warfare fronts.

Abbie Richards, the “disinfo expert” who created the disinformation pyramid that claimed that belief in Bigfoot was antisemitic and Iran Contra drug running was a conspiracy theory writes for the website (Global Network on Extremism and Technology). Sites such as GNET and anything connected to the likes of Louise Mensch, Nina Jankowicz and Rita Katz purportedly the “disinfo experts” are often vectors of disinformation themselves. A GNET article by an “OSINT analyst” who has worked for Homeland Security has called out Substack users and the Wikispooks site.

For the moment, I have not seen any news as to what exactly happened to the site but since about 26 August the site has been unreachable. I will be checking the Wayback Machine and other archive sites to see what pages can be salvaged and will likely work on mirroring at least portions of because in the era of “disinfo experts” being the primary purveyors of disinfo these sorts of repositories are especially important.

Business Insider wrote a scare piece about Wikispooks in 2020 regarding the “spike in traffic” that occurred during the early days of covid “conspiracy theories” (yes, those same “theories” that in some cases have since been confirmed or at least looking more likely even based on “official data”). The story specifically named Google as a way that people were arriving at the site, considering how Mark Zuckerberg admitted de-boosting and shadow banning anything related to the Hunter Biden laptop due to the FBI claiming it was Russian disinfo it’s easy to see that the tech companies are subservient to the security state and in some ways possibly vice versa.

I know for a fact I’m suppressed and shadow banned. Even searching for my own interviews on YouTube is often difficult and have received emails from people saying they were only able to find material I put on YouTube or my personal site by using Yandex, DuckDuckGo, Brave or other privacy centred browsers. The long-term effects of this sort of suppression of the truth and convincing people that the only truth can be found at the corporate Mockingbird media leads to situations like the Epsteins, Weinsteins, Cosbys and Nygards using their wealth and connections to get away with awful things for years.

In short, alternative media is becoming more and more under attack and it’s vitally important to support and share the work of those who are trying to expose what the MSM canaries want to keep hidden.

The above is an article titled ‘Wikispooks Website Mysteriously Disappears from Net’ republished from The Goldwater[links within the text are our own].


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