Woke Lancet: Biden Presidency a ‘Fundamental Reset,’ ‘Opportunity for American Renewal’

The highly politicized Lancet medical journal lauds the upcoming Biden inauguration as a chance for the “restoration of the global standing of the USA.”

In an unsigned January 16 editorial, the once venerable Lancet asserts that President Trump “provoked” the mob that stormed the Capitol on January 6 and that his “turbulent” legacy “imperils the health of Americans and the world.”

“President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration is a fundamental reset and refocus of priorities,” the UK-based journal’s editors insist, “giving a chance for renewal and revitalisation of science and health agendas, and restoration of the global standing of the USA.”

The journal alleges the Trump administration:

…systematically weakened the role of science in federal policy, stacked review boards with industry figures, rolled back industrial and environmental regulations across government, and placed people in administrative positions in science and health agencies hostile to their missions. Trump has consistently undermined the independence and effectiveness of US science institutions.

Trump’s “refusal to take the pandemic seriously” and his “personal indifference to the crisis” highlights “the degree to which leadership undergirds organisational preparation,” the Lancet claims in its intemperate rant.

Moreover, the diatribe continues, “Trump’s populist government has exacerbated existing inequalities and health outcomes” in the United States while dealing an “obscene over-response” to the Black Lives Matter protests during 2020.

Now, thankfully, that is all over, the Lancet suggests, and “Democratic Party control of government could allow for a much more aggressive and proactive agenda on health than would have been possible with a divided government.”

“Democrats can protect and expand the ACA, tighten controls on the use of violence by police, and once again place global health leadership at the forefront of foreign policy,” the editors declare.

The choice of Rochelle Walensky to head the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and promises to rejoin WHO and the Paris Climate Accords “signal a serious commitment to addressing the damage,” they state.

Founded in 1823 as a serious medical journal, the Lancet has devolved into a bullhorn for what it calls “the progressive agenda,” dissipating its hard-earned moral and scientific capital on issues such as climate change, immigration, and gay rights, while aggressively promoting abortion.

In 2019, the Lancet ran a five-part series of articles on “gender equality, norms, and health” that denounced a conservative “backlash” against the global LGBTQ agenda.

“The progressive agenda that demands gender equality for girls and women and gender norms that promote health and wellbeing for all, including gender minorities,” a team of Lancet writers wrote, includes “advocating against toxic masculinities” and “promoting lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) justice.”

If nothing else, Joe Biden can have the satisfaction of knowing that as an overseas shill for the Democratic Party, the Lancet will have his back unconditionally.


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