“Your licence, please” – Corrupt police, courts and a ‘racist’ judge?

 The Anglo-Masonic government of the colony called Australia has
caused and evidently still does cause harm to many ‘ordinary’
Australians, some actions visible while many are not.

The truth is that
European migrants or now the derogatory term ‘wogs’ have been
bullied, discriminated and degraded also held back from
promotions, by Anglos in positions of power, just for being a wog.

A so called ‘judge’
whom people have to refer to as ‘Your Honour’ has lost his
(alleged) honourable status, where he showed his true colours towards
‘ethnics’ with vexatious and ‘racist’ remarks, against Mr.

‘judge’ Geoffrey Chettle (also referred to as judge Shittle, by
some) should be removed from office.

IF someone called
him by his nickname in court then surely there would be
repercussions, a contempt of court perhaps, yet the ‘authorities’
are allowed to be belligerent, abusive and racist?

Abuse of power

So, Mr Kyriazis was
found ‘guilty’ on two charges:

1). Failing to
produce licence,

2). Give name and
address to authorised officer.

There are problems
with regards to those two charges.

On the first charge,
when seen by the officer, it would have been safe to judge, without a
trial by jury, that Mr. Kyriazis is over 26 years of age, where in
Victoria a person is not required to carry a driver licence on
him/her, as seen within law, that being an excerpt from the Road Safety Act 1986 Section
19, (8):

On the second
charge, Victoria Police officers are also very familiar with the
‘Kaba’ cases, that being Kaba v Watson and DPP v Kaba, on the
request of giving your name and address to an ‘authorised’ officer.

See reference:


On the first charge,
there is zero lawful standing to charge Mr. Kyriazis for ‘failing
to produce licence’, where if it has gone through, it is truly a vexatious litigation and a corruption of the court or specifically
judge ‘Shittle’, where a judicial review must follow.

This is another
exposé of how truly corrupt the legal system really is.

Mr. Kyriazis
experienced harassment and degrading behaviour from the judge and as a
result causing stress and elevated emotional behaviour.

See link to article from Neos Kosmos


Many experience
passive aggressive behaviour from the judiciary, but are unable to
recognise this.


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